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Loaf's NEW! SS17 Collection

  • Crumpet love seat chaise di Loaf Classico

    Crumpet love seat chaise

    Get down and deep: we've deepened the deepness on this ludicrously squishy love seat chaise. Stretch it out, people.

  • Dixie love seat chaise di Loaf Classico

    Dixie love seat chaise

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    ["EG"] [Published] 6 طرق لشغل المساحات الفارغة في منزلك

    The dictionary says that a 'dixie' is a great big pot for brewing tea (who knew?). Our own Dixie is a deliciously deep love seat for sipping said tea. Cake, anyone?

  • Gramps armchair di Loaf Classico

    Gramps armchair

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    ["SA"] [Published] 7 قواعد اساسيات للديكورفي تصميم الداخلي للمنازل
    ["EN"] [Published] Living room layout ideas you won't have tried before

    We looked at this chair. We sat in this chair. And we named it Gramps. This high-backed groover is the granddaddy of all armchairs.

  • Hottie mirror di Loaf Classico

    Hottie mirror

    Put quite simply, our Hottie is a circular oak mirror. And we like round things here at Loaf HQ. Like doughnuts. And by jimminy does this mirror look good.

  • Hula mirror in White di Loaf Classico

    Hula mirror in White

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    ["US"] [Published] Making a statement with white: 18 examples
    ["US"] Interior design: using white as a statement color

    With a nifty shelf for stashing stuff, this clever white mirror is a bit of a goodie-two-shoes! It sits beautifully in hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms alike (to name just a few spots). And is always there to help on the storage front.

  • Jago mirror di Loaf Classico

    Jago mirror

    When our Emily first unwrapped this steel stunner she reminded us that "round mirrors are dead nice". Right you are, Em. We think it's the characterful metal edge that really does it.

  • Jonesy corner sofa di Loaf Classico

    Jonesy corner sofa

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    ["ZA"] [Published] 29 beautiful corner seats for living rooms
    ["NL"] [Published] De belangrijkste najaarstrends voor 2017 – deel 2
    ["RU"] [Published] 29 угловых диванов, подходящих для любой гостиной!
    ["TR"] [Published] Her oturma odasına uyacak 29 köşe koltuk
    ["PL"] [Published] 29 narożnych sof idealnych do każdego salonu
    ["CA"] [Published] 29 corner sofas for every living room
    ["JP"] 新しいマイアイディアブック
    ["IT"] [Published] 8 Palette di Colori Eleganti da Copiare per l'Arredamento

    Corner sofas are often quite contemporary. But not our Jonesy. It's got all the hallmarks of a Loafy take on a classic.

  • Natterbox chairs di Loaf Classico

    Natterbox chairs

    Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make us so happy. Buttered toast, early nights and these quietly beautiful, soaped oak chairs.

  • Pavlova chaise sofa di Loaf Classico

    Pavlova chaise sofa

    Handmade, deeply satisfying and with a marshmallow-like feel - just like its namesake! But don't top it off with whipped cream and raspberries or you'll get in trouble.

  • Thankster love seat di Loaf Classico

    Thankster love seat

    Snuggle up and give thanks to life in the slow lane. With its sweeping curves and pleasingly plump arms, we designed this love seat for elegant cocooning.