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Locus Habitat
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Designing with Leather Voyage Side Trunk

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    Leather Voyage Side Trunk

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    ["ES"] [Published] Reciclando el baúl de los recuerdos

    A vintage steamer trunk (also called traveling chests) that
    has been normally being used before for long voyages by train or ship has proven its buoyancy and continues to adapt the form for new product lines. It is no longer just a piece of luggage, because this classic trunk has now evolved into functional furniture that works in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, hallways and more.

    Locus Habitat came out of their Union Jack Vintage Trunk which design shows the incorporated design of the Union Jack flag on the trunk. Normally this interior box is made of a wood and then lined with materials intended for protection and to decorate.

    Generally nowadays, people rarely use trunks for travelling. It is now commonly used for storing things like linens, papers, books, photos, blankets, collections and other memorabilia. But, there are some antique trunks that are normally designed for storage and were never intended for travel.

    There are now several different styles of trunks in our inventory and there are there are many practical uses for trunks nowadays. Moreover, the quality of this Union Jack vintage trunk was made to last long. Its condition is a big factor to consider the value of the antique trunk as its value holds so many things in the history of travel.

    Common used for Vintage Trunk:

    - Media stand

    - Coffee table

    - Placed at the foot of the bed

    - Side table

    - Placed in a hallway or entryway

    - Storage trunk