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​A Sleek And Sophisticated Family Home

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Newtown Terrace Sam Crawford Architects Studio moderno
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How often do we showcase breathtaking designs and gorgeous structures here on homify? Every single day! And sometimes those designs are of such high quality that they even inspire an award or two – such as today’s discovery, which won the 2010 Viridian National Award for Creative Use of Glass in a Residential Interior. 

Today on homify 360°, we meet up with a creation that had to be transformed in order to suit the living requirements of a young family with two small children. But if you are expecting less-than-stellar designs and your typical family-type layouts, then brace yourself: it is a contemporary marriage between raw concrete, timber, steel, and glass that conjures up a very modern house with a very sleek attitude.

Stylish changes

This project, strictly speaking, is part rework, part replacement. Although certain areas of the house were reworked to suit the family’s lifestyle, others were completely replaced.

The architect’s clients asked for functionality, light, and an honest expression of materials – and they received this in a sleek and sexy package.

An eye-catching kitchen

Not the typical kitchen you’d associate with a young family, right? That’s because this particular family set their sights on an ultra modern structure that flaunts their love for the contemporary style where less is definitely more. 

Natural and raw materials, black steel, hardwood and glass, requiring little to no surface finish, were used throughout the house. 

How stunning is that raw piece of concrete functioning as an island? And the wood that adorns select surfaces, such as the cabinets, ensures a touch of warmth to offset with the surrounding greys and off-whites.

​Built to last

This kitchen may not be everyone’s idea of the heart of the home, but that is the beauty of personal taste. All of the necessary utilities are set to one side and sheathed in glass, keeping the cooking- and eating space of the kitchen open and clear – like an art display.

Components such as hardware for the glass walls and sliding doors were selected for their superior quality, not just because they “looked pretty”. Each element is designed and built to last, reducing future waste considerably.

​Light vs. Dark

This family home features elements that are durable and sturdy, such as the stainless steel stair rigging. Here in the living room, we see a bit more wooden surfaces introduced into the mix. Striking wooden floors, floating shelves, and a piano all lend a decadently dark look to the neutral interiors. 

To suit the lifestyle of this growing family with two youngsters, the house’s lower level is now a light, open, continuous living platform.

​Striking stairs

A single staircase in a most sculptural design, weaves together the three levels of the house. With every floor, this changes appearance, ranging from a heavy concrete base to a luminous platform of steel and glass. 

Don’t overlook that expertly placed lighting that seems to warm up the steel hand railing attached to the wall.

​The beauty is in the detail

Black steel hardware (specially made, no less), door jambs, stair treads, and handrails all showcase their on-site fabrication. 

How wonderful is this floating staircase? Warm timber panels ascend and twist fabulously to transport us to the next level, while steel strings function as both support and hand railings. 

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