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10 Inspirational Small Bedrooms

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Camera da letto in stile scandinavo di DreamHouse.info.pl Scandinavo
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A comfortable bedroom with classic colours and furniture is a great way to enjoy your personal, relaxing space. But, this Ideabook has been compiled with the help of interior design professionals to show you that although your bedroom may be tiny, there are still fantastic designer décor options to suit your space. Creativity and colour can make for an interesting interior!

1. Monochrome

Casa Giano di MIROarchitetti Moderno

Casa Giano


The best way to make a bedroom seem larger is by allowing natural light to flow in and brighten up the interior. This monochrome design is trendy and elegant, with the white making the space lighter, while the black makes for a great contrast.

2. Soft Colours

If limited space is the problem in your dream master bedroom, then consider soft hues that will enhance the interior, making it lighter. It’s welcoming, cosy and simple too.

3. Glass and Mirrors

piccolo appartamento in città di pucci+saladino architects Moderno
pucci+saladino architects

piccolo appartamento in città

pucci+saladino architects

Another fantastic way to make a bedroom seem larger is by adding transparent sliding doors that create a flowing space, while also enhancing the light through perfectly placed mirrors.

4. White Light

Balcone, Veranda & Terrazza in stile minimalista di cs Minimalista

To make your space comfortable and bright too, consider white walls, with soft colour curtains and sliding doors that create private space, but also allow for natural light to flow in.

5. Textured




Utilising all the available surfaces to store accessories and clothing is also a great way to decorate a small bedroom. This room has compensated for the lack of space with a textured approach that makes it comfortable and unique.

6. Detail

APARTMENT “VERBI” Camera da letto minimalista di Polygon arch&des Minimalista
Polygon arch&des


Polygon arch&des

Using creative geometric patterns is another fun way to make a space seem larger, in this bedroom the space is also a home office so it was necessary to make it look less cramped and more relaxed.

7. Extra Bed

Attico sul Porto Ingresso, Corridoio & Scale in stile moderno di gosplan architects Moderno
gosplan architects

Attico sul Porto

gosplan architects

If your apartment is small, but you receive guests regularly, then it might be a good idea to install another bed, somewhere hidden. This great second bed is hidden beneath the floorboards, now isn’t that smart?

8. Loft

High ceilings not only make for a cooler home, but would also be a great way to incorporate a loft or mezzanine level into your space. This idea would make for a funky second bedroom too.

9. Bright Colours

Camera da letto moderna di homify Moderno

Colour is a great way to add creativity and style to a bedroom and this small space definitely looks attractive and eye catching as a result. It’s a simple mix of neutral tones and brighter accents that make this space so perfect.

10. Some Warm Pastel

This final image brings us to the end of this Ideabook, but it’s not hard to see how a pleasant atmosphere can be created in a small bedroom, when calming colours are used for the walls, floor and ceiling. These are some creative tips for: Bedroom Decor for Peaceful Sleep.

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