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The Renovation of a Country Home

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Today we visit Cerdagne in the Catalan Pyrenees where we will discover a renovation of a beautiful stone farmhouse by Dom Arquitectura. Renovating without distorting space is not an easy task and the least we can say is that the motivated team involved in this project rose to the challenge with gusto.

With a breathtaking panoramic view, this small village consists of about twenty houses surrounded by green meadows. Formerly the land had been used predominantly for agriculture and livestock, and what was key with this renovation was to create a more contemporary building without ever losing sight of the past. So, without any further delay, see how our experts go about realising this wonderful project.

Big picture

Located in the Cadi-Moixero Natural Park overlooking the mountain range of the Sierra del Cadi. This small village of Cerdagne is also on the north side of a ridge, facing south. Judge for yourself, the view is breathtaking and it is with natural ease that this building blends into this charming environment! 

The house in question is by no standard any less impressive than the extraordinary views we see around it. This beautiful stone farmhouse had undergone a transformation to be relevant to our modern age, yet still retaining that charm of a world and time long gone. We will go into detail to see how this look and atmosphere is achieved, but for now, let’s just appreciate this first impression. Can you imagine a warmer and more charming home?

The courtyard

Here we can see a large central courtyard paved with natural stone that welcomes us and gives access to the various buildings making up this structure: barn, stable, home and garden. All the components of this place have been completely renovated to become a fully-fledged home! One can only envy the residents and even their guests, since an entire wing is especially reserved for them!

Discover the interior

As we have seen with the previous shot, outdoor spaces have been faithfully preserved and are almost carbon copies of what they looked like in the past. The interior, meanwhile, is the scene of a renovation to more modern accents. Spacious and airy, this space is of double height and a contemporary character in its lines does not outdo the rustic identity which remains as a watermark. For proof, we show you this restored barn door and the retention of the beams that support the structure on the floor!

The living room

One of the main objectives of this project was to focus totally on the spectacular scenery that surrounds the property. To enjoy this, large windows have been installed to enjoy the very special landscape. The reigning atmosphere is that of purity and simplicity. The furniture is sober and in neutral colours so as not to hinder the path of our gaze that is heading to the impressive panorama!

Open space

Multi-functional, this space is perfection. Fluidity, continuity and openness, all on an area of 610 square meters! Stone, wood, light coloured tiles combine to create a special atmosphere at the foot of the fully fitted kitchen in the latest trend. This neutral area can serve as the backdrop for many an occasion. It is a truly commendable contemporary space.

Milky room

Upstairs,  we find this gorgeous bedroom. Minimalist design and wooden beams coexist and had been restored to perfection, all in an industrial style! Each element is perfectly in place, complementing each other. The ubiquitous white brings a soft look, which is almost creamy or milky, ideal for the style of this room. This colour scheme as well as the eclectic style incorporating the industrial and farmhouse look brings a gentle atmosphere to the bedroom which is ideal for rest and relaxation.


Here we can see an ongoing dialogue between interior and exterior! This huge picturesque window promotes communication between the two areas and also allows us to see the contrast between the outer walls of stone and the pristine white that reigns supreme inside. This is the perfect picture to illustrate the amalgamation of the modern interior with the preserved exterior of this old building full of character.

The interior design and decoration is also well worth noting, with the lovely grey and white accents which fill the room. The strategic lighting also highlights the most prominent features of the furniture, and the interesting wire floor lamp adds a warm and gentle glow to the ensemble.

The patio

We end off with a highlight, which is this lininal space, in-between that definitely catches the attention. Relaxation, serenity and tranquillity are the watchwords of this place that will allow you to contemplate the beautiful surroundings or to simply enjoy the sounds and smells of a heart-warming homecoming!

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