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A MUMBAI KHAR Apartment filled with MAGIC!!!

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Contemporary design is often confused as modern design and vice versa. However, there’s a huge difference between these two design styles. Modern is a style created during the 20th century whereas contemporary design is ever changing and can be modified to suit the current trends in the world of design and architecture. Contemporary design encourages the use of popular pieces and styles from the current era, even bordering on eclectic design. The use of natural elements, oddly shaped furnishing, open plan is what ties together the harmony of contemporary design.

Today on homify 360, we take a virtual stroll through this gorgeous 4-bedroom apartment in Mumbai. This Khar residence of Mr. Mansukhan, designed by Aum Architects, pays close attention to the color tones and its transition from each room. Focusing on the color palette and the incorporation of unique styles, this house is the perfect example of contemporary design.

A Stunning Dining Room

The Dining room is decorated in warm hues that are very inviting. A stunning 6-seater wooden dining table is placed in the corner of the dining room and is enhanced with a hanging chandelier that radiates the spaces with a gorgeous glow. The minimal furnishing of the space perfectly complements the theme of the apartment.

The living room

The interiors of the living encapsulate the fundamentals of contemporary design. Gorgeous natural elements, warm color tones, and uniquely shaped furniture and décor accessories defines the look of this space. An open plan layout seamlessly joins the living room and the dining room, without making it look cluttered. An exquisite painting hangs above the cream sofa set in the living room, giving the space a distinct touch.

The kitchen

The designer has introduced a new shade into the color palette of the kitchen for a more elegant look. In shades of brown, beige, and black, this kitchen evokes a sense of luxury. Functional yet stylish, this space is fashioned with an element of practicality.

If you want to change the way your kitchen looks, have a look at these incredible kitchendesigns!

The bedroom

The bedroom of this contemporary apartment is designed with an eclectic twist with the incorporation of surprising patterns and distinctly designed décor accessories. A vibrant patterned headboard stands out against the neutral background of the bedroom. White birds in a flowing pattern grace the wall of the bedroom for a unique touch. Gorgeous ceiling lights are placed in the corner, illuminating the space with a warm glow.

The bathroom

Subtle patterns make an appearance in the interiors of the bathroom as well. Flanked by two textured panels, the single vanity set is enhanced with a glamorous touch. The cabinets below provide ample space to store bathroom essentials and toiletries, adding an element of functionality to the bathroom design.

Elegant, avant-garde, and unique – these are the words to describe this gorgeous apartment. Have a look at this beautiful family home for more home design inspiration!

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