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Before and After: 5 facade transformations that work like magic!

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The facade of a house is basically the face of a house. It offers the first impression of a home and its residents, so the facade is usually given priority when it comes to renovating or remodeling a home. Another reason the facade is usually given priority when it comes to renovation compared to other parts of the house is because it tends to decay and fade away faster due to being exposed to weather elements. Time and the weather can have negative effects on the facade of a house, causing it to lose its functional and aesthetic value. 

We highly recommend getting consultation from architects before you start remodeling the facade of your home, but for a start you can continue reading this article. Today's before and after tour features 5 facade transformations that work like magic. The remodeling of the facades are done by Neutral Arquitectos, architects based in Orizaba, Mexico. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for renovating the facade of your home through this before and after tour. Let's browse through these magical transformations shall we? 

Before: a decaying facade

The combination of a decaying facade together with an eye-catching green colour scheme makes the facade of this house a serious eyesore. The house looks very run-down and neglected with its fading paint job, and it certainly doesn't look very welcoming at all. Let's see how this unsightly, outdated facade has been transformed shall we? 

After: up to date and subtle

As you can see, a dramatic change has occurred in the facade of the house. Once it was an outdated, decaying facade with a fading green colour. Now it's an up to date facade that employs subtle colours, giving it a contemporary minimalist style. An extra floor has also been added to the former single story house, changing the whole structure of the house. The first floor has two balconies to compensate for the garden space that's been turned into a driveway and parking bay for the car. A high planter in the front porch adds a patch of green to the outdoor space. 

Before: an unkempt garage

The ever increasing rising cost of housing and the lack of space in urban areas has made transforming abandoned garages into residential homes a very popular trend. You will see how this unkempt, dirty old garage can be turned into a beautiful home next.

After: a cosy apartment

Isn't it simply amazing how an unkempt abandoned garage can be magically transformed into this cosy apartment? The exposed brick facade is illuminated in a warm glow with lighting from the ground, while large glass windows allow plenty of natural light and fresh air in. The asymmetrical gabled roof is surprising as it contradicts the classic style of the building. 

Before: a gloomy facade

Although the structure of the building does not appear to be deteriorated, the old-fashioned design makes it look boring and outdated. The design of the house which doesn't allow much natural light into the home makes it gloomy and dark, ruining the atmosphere of the house. 

After: a vibrant facade

From a dark, gloomy, boring, and outdated facade, this house has been dramatically transformed into a vibrant, contemporary looking home. Firstly, plenty of large glass sliding doors and windows have been added to bring more light into the home and make it brighter. The grassy lawn has been replaced with a swimming pool and the outdoors have been lighted up with many small spotlights. 

Before: a worn out facade

The decaying building materials such as the sinking awning, corrugated iron roof sheets, and damaged walls is definitely a very telling sign that this facade needs to undergo some serious changes. Let's see how this facade has been transformed next. 

After: tall and bright

As you can see, the whole structure of the building has expanded as another extra floor has been added to the building. Large glass windows added on the first floor give the building a contemporary feel while also making it brighter and airier. The bright white facade is definitely refreshing, bringing life to the building. 

Before: a boring facade

Although the facade pictured here doesn't look deteriorated or unsightly, it lacks character and personality, making it boring and dull. The rigid design and the closed up gates make the house look like a concrete prison and feel claustrophobic. Let's see how Cenit Arquitectos, architects in Mazatlan, Mexico have injected personality into this boring facade next. 

After: open and trendy

After the transformation, the house looks much more open and has a sense of space. The new asymmetrical shape of the house makes it look more modern and trendy, injecting some personality into a faceless piece of concrete. The white paint together with the earthy coloured stone cladding on the walls give the facade the face lift it needs. 

We hope you've enjoyed this before and after tour as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at an amazing dream apartment with charming simplicity

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