7 Minimalist Interiors that WOW!

Leigh Leigh
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Minimalist design is one of the most significant decor movements of the 20th Century. 

This type of interior design and architecture sees a collision between function and style. Only the necessary elements are featured in the design, creating a very clean and minimal look.

As Linda Breen Pierce said, “Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.” 

Today we are going to look at seven minimalist interiors that will prove to you just how fabulous this style truly is!

1. The bedroom

The bedroom is one of the best places in the home to implement a minimalist style. Why? Because your bedroom should be peaceful and relaxing, like a haven. You don't want there to be clutter and chaos in a space where you should be unwinding.

Opt for very neutral colours, soft lighting and minimal use of anything that isn't functional. In this design, you can see how beautiful simple can really be. 

2. The Living Room

In this design, by 21 Architects, we can see how neutral colours really complement a minimalist style. Opt for wooden floors and sleek, white furniture to pull off the minimalist style. 

You'll see that the designers here have also included pot plants in the living room space. This is the perfect form of decor – natural and pretty!

3. Kitchen

The kitchen in this design is a wonderful example of how Zen a minimalist style can really look.

With bold chocolate-colour stepping stones and little pebbles making up the floor, this is one of the most stylish kitchen spaces that we have ever seen! 

Other than this, only the necessities are incorporated – bar stools, counter tops and appliances. The cupboards and drawers keep everything neatly out of sight.

Have a look through the homify kitchen products for inspiration!

4. The bathroom

This bathroom design, by Vanessa Santos Silva Architects, makes the absolute most of natural light, which is an important part of minimalist design.

Incorporate skylights, windows and glass doors where ever possible to lighten and brighten a space. 

5. Add a bit of colour

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A1 Lofts and Extensions

All of the designs that we have seen so far are very white and neutral. If you like a bit of colour and personality in your home, you can still incorporate it with a minimalist style!

In this design, you can see how minimalist meets eclectic with the right eye for detail. Add colourful cushions or a bright and funky lamp, but keep the furniture down to what is necessary. 

6. The outside space

Minimalist style doesn't just apply to interior design. Your patio can feature a very simple and yet effective design.

The trick when it comes to the patio is to include functional furniture that is durable too. You want it to last in all weather conditions.

Have a look through the homify patio furniture products to see what minimalist furniture you would include on your patio! 

7. Sophisticated

In this design we can see how sophisticated a minimalist design can be. 

Pair white tiling, white furniture and white walls with a few colourful and functional cushions and pieces of artwork. You'll end up with the best home on the block!

Also have a look at this ideabook: Keep it sleek, chic and minimal.

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