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Ambitious restoration of the historical building – Palazzo Doria D'Angri

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Palazzo Doria D'Angri MULTIFORME® lighting Soggiorno classico
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One of the most important historical buildings in Naples, Palazzo Doria D'Angri has now been restored as the new company headquarters of Antica Sartoria Positano – a renowned fashion brand. To do justice to the fine reputation of this elite fashion brand, the interiors have been refurbished with large classic chandeliers in blown murano glass and rezzonico style by Multiforme – a widely acknowledged lighting company in Trebaseleghe. In fact, this lighting project engaged and involved highly skilled and passionate workers for more than two years in order to enhance the architecture, add a hint of luxury and illuminate this historical building while maintaining the ancient eighteenth century ambience. Continue to read to explore more about how these intricately designed chandeliers made the interiors even more welcoming.

Magnificent Vanvitelli exterior of the palace

This picture gives you a clear idea of how beautifully the original design of the palace was constructed by the famous architect Luigi Vanvitelli. From the pillars holding the upper floors to the well-detailed balconies and large windows, the entire building has a smartly balanced and uniform structure. In addition, the full-length windows and glass doors offer you a glimpse of the spectacular chandeliers installed inside to illuminate the rooms.

Venetian style chandeliers

For every room of this royal palace, large classic chandeliers have been designed, like the one visible here. The lighting company has given a lot of attention to the small details in order to make sure that each enormously sized chandelier not only looks captivating but also reflects the eighteenth-century aura through its dynamic design. Additionally, the rezzonico style construction of the chandeliers introduces you to the true tradition and grace of Venice.

Tailor-made and timeless

In this seating space, you can see how the tailor-made chandelier instantly grabs your attention with its unmatched design. The distinct colour of the chandelier has been selected in alignment with the rest of the furnishings present in the room. Also, each chandelier has been fashioned by mixing gold leaf and mineral colours to set the right tone and give that magical feel to the visitors.

Complementing the operational space

Here in this operating space of the fashion brand Antica Sartoria Positano, the chandeliers with their fabulous design beautify the interiors and lend the needed warmth while offering optimal brightness. At just once glance, you can see how the element proportions and weights have been harmoniously balanced in these layered and complex structures to release a mystic and regal character in the interiors. Also, in this room, the chandeliers look a perfect extension of the aesthetically pleasing design of the ceiling and help maintain the sense of uniformity in the interiors.

Lending unparalleled elegance

Not just the operational spaces of the company, but the antique chandeliers have been used in other parts of the floor as well. As here in this space, a chandelier has been installed just above the table to please to the eyes of the visitors, whether they visit during the day or the evening. Also, at a closer look, you can see how the handles of the chandelier complement the design of the furniture, whereas the crystal work blends in with the light tones of the walls.

An oval-shaped creation

Besides the large layered chandeliers, the corridors, bathrooms and other accessory spaces have been adorned with oval-shaped or ‘barchetta’ chandeliers to make these secondary spaces even more inviting and luxurious. Moreover, these chandeliers are considered as one of the most fascinating and elaborate creations among the classic rezzonico style chandeliers.

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