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9 Fun and Stylish ways to Decorate the Nursery/Children’s Room for the Little One

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It's fun to do the nursery or the children's room of the house. It might be because you have the complete freedom to design and decorate before the child grows up to have their own opinions and preferences. From the color on walls to furniture and furnishing, from the mat on the floor to the ceiling design, it's natural to go overboard to make it warm, vibrant, cozy, comfortable, pleasant, and shower all your emotions you can in its decor. So allow our professional designers to help you decorate your home's nursery, making it fun and stylish. Let's take a stroll in the dream room for your child.

1. Build up a space filled with your special style and warmth

Expand your imagination and break the rules to create your style while doing up your child’s room. Go creative from floor to ceiling; design designer walls to fill the space with your warmth. Colorful cabinets framing the window have a bench for you to enjoy the play, a mat with a playing tent, the message wall, and of course, the clean and shiny floor creates a fun nursery.

2. Watch the growth

We all love to do it… taking out the tape to measure the growth. Why not make it a part of the wall and preserve it as you watch your child grow. Measurement imprinted on the wall with dancing monkeys drawn with it, the kid will love it. 

3. Invest in ageless décor

A gender-neutral ageless décor in modern shades of a neutral tone, with floating clouds painted on the wall and pleasant light washing the walls, is a serene décor for the new-born. When they grow up, the room will be a cozy comfort for long story nights or sleepovers. A stylish, ageless, and serene atmosphere is a good investment when decorating the children's room because the children grow fast.

4. The toy cabinet with a library

Step up the playtime with a wall cabinet with open shelves and alphabet drawers. Mix it with a fun study table and books to merge the play and storytime and a playful way to introduce learning.  

5. The corner tea-party

Design the girl room in a girly way and then make space for a pink table set for some mother-daughter time or play-date to bind with friends. The cute little table set near the window with window seating will create ample space even for family storytime.

6. Cute storage pieces

Cute little storage pieces with funny messages on them on the floor will contribute to decorating the room in a fun way. Wall-mounted shelves and the long cabinet make some serious storage space for toys and books. Your daughter will adore the cute little dressing table and a tent on the side.

7. All eyes on today and tomorrow

Build up a focal point and then design the room around it. The white and yellow cabinet that extends to become the TV unit, and the study table has been designed keeping the future in mind. The cartoon wallpaper in pastel shade announces that the room belongs to the youngest member of the house. 

8. Dress up the wall with your personal touch

It might be once in a lifetime opportunity, so don’t let it go. Paint the wall to show your artistic skills and leave your personal touch in your kid’s room. Even a simple tree with flowers with an owl sitting on it will do. If you have a better idea in mind, do not hesitate to paint it on the wall.

9. Trendy with the color of the room

Be trendy and follow the trend to bring in the Pantone color for 2021 in your nursery. White furniture, Ultimate Gray on the wall, and Illuminating yellow's brightness bring in the vibrancy and style, making the room feels happy and cheerful. 

Get more ideas to add the Pantone color for 2021 in your home decor: Pantone Color of the Year 2021: 35 Ways to Bring the Elegance of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray in your Home

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