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Regal Interior Design Elements in a Home in Navi Mumbai

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Luxurious furnishings can completely transform a home. Colours and patterns make a huge difference in achieving the right look for a home, and usually, bold colours and rich textures go hand-in-hand. This beautiful home has been designed by the interior designers and decorators of Six Elms InteriorsNavi Mumbai. The ideas and designs used in the interiors are reminiscent of the bygone era. The vibrant red tones and the contrasting gold accents give these rooms a fabulous and striking appearance.

Grand Look

The TV unit is an excellent place to display creativity. The wall has multiple textures, and they work together to create the perfect look. The wall has been given a glossy finish, and a border has been created using MDF. The lighting in the background makes it stand out. The space where the TV will be placed has been covered with an exquisite pattern in gold and red.

Elaborate Seating Area

Seating is an essential part of a living room. Here, in keeping with the theme, the designers have opted for luxurious and traditional style sofas with hand-carved detailing. A three-seater has been combined with a settee as well as a few single-seaters to complete the composition. A glossy ply has been used to create a faux pelmet over the windows. The rich texture of the drapes and the subtle colour balances the look of the room.

Unique walls

One of the best ways to create an unusual and distinctive look for a home is to use ply to cover the walls. Nowadays, there is an excellent range of textures, designs, and patterns available, including glossy or matte versions, which can help to create the right look. Here, the designers have used a deep caramel brown colour ply to accentuate the beauty of the room and enhance its luxurious theme.

Elegant Lighting

Lighting is a significant aspect of interior design and home décor. It is all about picking the right type of lights, as it can either make or break the design. The designers have gone with a central light fixture that acts as the focal point. Additional lighting in the form of hanging lamps and other accent lights add to the charm of the room. The chairs, which are upholstered in plush furnishings and have beautiful hand-carved designs, have been chosen to suit the overall theme.

Beauty in Indigo

The floor tiles are designed to attract attention. The indigo toned tiles lend a traditional look to the room. What makes the design more attractive is the addition of well-lit panels that border and accentuate the area and create reflections on the glossy surface of the tiles. Dark chocolate brown doors contrast the blue colour and patterns well. The light in the background contrasts the dark tones to brighten up the space and give it an edgy look. 

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