The right professionals for a classic kitchen design

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The right professionals for a classic kitchen design

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
di Zingana Kitchens and Cabinetry Moderno
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There is something about a kitchen sporting a classic look. Sure, super modern and contemporary cooking spaces have their advantages, and we won’t ever bash on rustic-, Scandinavian-, or any other type of design style either. But today we’d like to focus on classic kitchen designs and how to achieve them.

Think of a classic kitchen as a very safe option, almost like simple jeans with a white T-shirt – it gives you the basics in a subtle way, and it’s up to you how you’re going to dress it up or down.

Let’s take a look at 5 essentials to get you going with a classic kitchen, as well as a local professional team that has the required skills and expertise to help!

1. A neutral colour palette

Like modern designs, classic kitchens stick to neutral tones such as off-whites, creams, beige's, and soft browns. But don’t opt for too-sharp contrasts. Allow those neutrals to bring ease to the eye. A popping colour or two can be added in the form of décor if you really want to. 

And of course a classic-style chandelier, as seen in our example, can be the ultimate touch! 

2. Simple cabinets

A classic kitchen is about simplicity combined with traditional elements – and a subtly styled cabinet is where you must start. 

But don’t go too simple, otherwise you may cross over into the modern / contemporary realm; or too ornate, as that will make your kitchen too traditional. Think simple, not plain.

See how these cabinets sport a subtle look, yet achieve a timeless classic style via those dazzling hardware and the glossy finishes. 

3. Ditch those overly busy backsplashes

Normally a backsplash stands out in terms of colours and patterns, but not in a classic kitchen. Stick to that neutral colour scheme (you can adjust it by a few lighter / darker hues), and even a subtle pattern (such as these subway tiles) is fine, but no more. 

Remember, a classic kitchen shouldn’t be outdated in a few years. It needs to remain timeless, which is why it never follows trends. 

4. Cool it with the decorative accessories

A handful of decorative accessories is fine for a classic kitchen. Use too few pieces and your cooking space could look modern. Add too many and you risk it seeming too traditional. 

Think simple touches, such as wainscoting for your island, small crown moulding, a simple focal wall clad up in another material, etc.  

5. Remember to have fun

The great thing about styling a classic kitchen is that you can be flexible. Whether you like to switch up your designs every few months or are planning on selling your home sooner rather than later, a classic kitchen is quite easy to update via simple décor pieces. 

Just remember to have fun and let a bit of your personality shine through. 

The perfect professionals for your classic kitchen

The professional firm Zingana Kitchens is based in Johannesburg. Specialising in cabinets and cabinetry, Zingana Kitchens has ensured South Africans are fully aware of what top-notch designs look like – and that includes cabinetry for your dream classic kitchen. 

Ever since 2010, Zingana Kitchens has been supplying the Johannesburg market with its exceptional and original kitchen designs and installations, built-in cupboards, custom-made vanities, bespoke hand-crafted furnishings, and a wealth of other impressive additions to meet clients’ unique requests. 

From classic kitchens to modern bathrooms, the professionals at Zingana Kitchens always consider a client’s available space, their unique personal taste, and their wants and needs. These are always the main focuse while the project is completed, ensuring all boxes are ticked. 

Be sure to contact Zingana Kitchens to see how they can make your dream classic kitchen a reality. 

Of course we don’t want our cooking spaces to look too clinical. So, if you need some colour advice, we suggest checking out White kitchen cabinets? Try these wall colours

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