Furniture for the living room: modern sofas

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Furniture for the living room: modern sofas

Sheila Byers Sheila Byers
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Everything is ready! The snacks were already prepared in the afternoon, and the drinks are cold enough to be removed from the refrigerator, where they have been icing up nicely! The popcorn is hot, and the rainy, cold weather is safely outside. This situation leads us solely and exclusively to our living room, and brings to mind two basic things that are essential for those winter nights that are coming: a good film and a cosy couch!

After a hard day at work, spent either in an office or in the house taking care of a thousand things – the children, the cat, the grocery shopping and the mother who calls us constantly on the phone to give advice, finally comes the long-awaited time after dinner. Here, we have only one desire: to feel wrapped up and pampered on the sofa. 

Furnishing your living room is not a simple thing: there are different styles that you can follow, and an infinite number of combinations that can be used. It all depends on your taste, and the living room that you have in mind. In fact, this room can say a lot about you, more so than you can imagine. The space gives your guests an idea of what you do during your free time. A large library and no television? The occupants of this home are probably avid readers. A home theatre with a giant screen and surround sound? Definitely a fan of action movies. And what about the couch or chairs? Even these fundamental objects tell us a lot about someone's personalty and tastes. It cannot be denied, a good sofa completes a room.

What to choose? Definitely a style that is well-fitted to the home, something that is comfortable and of course, is also nice to look at. A classic style is always good, but if you are tired of the usual grey sofa, seen again and again in catalogues or magazines, then it is better to focus on something more refined, perhaps with a careful design and innovative materials. Upcycling? Why not! New forms never before seen? We have those too. If you want to surprise your friends and guests with something unusual, it's time to take notes, because homify have some great suggestions. 

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