Gorgeous Interior Design Elements for a Modern Home in Mumbai

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Gorgeous Interior Design Elements for a Modern Home in Mumbai

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Soggiorno in stile  di Square 4 Design & Build,
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This beautiful two-bedroom apartment in Thakurli, Mumbai is a homeowner’s dream come true. Square 4 Design & Build is the team of Mumbai Interior Designers & Decorators behind this project. The home is exquisitely designed and features some interesting décor pieces. So, without further ado, let’s begin the tour.  

The lighting

The soft lighting in the dining space makes it look gorgeous. It creates the perfect setting for a cosy dinner, enjoying time with the family. The chandelier is the highlight of this space.  

The entryway

The entryway to the home is quite well-lit. The area outside the main door is clad with wood laminate in a contrasting wooden and white finish. Even the flooring outside the house has been refurbished to match the interiors.  

The details

The gorgeous details in one of the bedrooms are quite exemplary. The use of a shiny finish laminate adds elegance and style to the overall room design. There is space in the room for family photos, which is an excellent idea by the designers.  

The TV area

The TV area has been given a modern and sophisticated look. The rock finish tiles create a backdrop for the TV. The rest of the background is wooden, and that enhances the overall look and design of the room.  

The kitchen

The overview of the kitchen shows us another beautiful contrast in colours. The home is filled with different colour contrasts that work well together. The red and white in the kitchen, along with the stainless steel of the appliances, create a great look.  

The living room

The soft yellow lighting in the living room creates a fantastic atmosphere. The beige couches match quite well with the drapes on the French windows.  

The partition

The beautiful partial divider was designed especially for this home. The wooden panels, along with the built-in shelves, create a fantastic design addition to the room.  

The bedroom

This bedroom has been designed to offer comfort and luxury. The teal drapes match well with the soft colours in the room. The white tiles on the floor add to the elegance of the space.  

Designer panel

The room has a beautiful, full-length mirror. The set of vertical shelves right by the mirror hold a set of matching statues. Such décor is what enhances the design and style of a room. The cupboards have a similar shiny laminate as that used in the other bedroom. The continuity in design is pleasing to the eye.  

The bedhead

The stylish bedhead used in the room is fantastic. It is made of beige leather with a beautiful pattern stitched into it. The panels on the sides of the bed add extra elegance to the room. The ceiling lights are perfectly placed and offer sufficient illumination in the area.  

One last look

The bedrooms are quite spacious and have been designed to offer the maximum possible walking space. The entire wall is covered by the wardrobe, to provide as much space as possible.

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