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7 tips to make your home look more spacious

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Nobody wants to live in a small, cramped space. But it’s also true that not all of us have extensive budgets to spend on mansions and gigantic home renovations. Fortunately, we’re not all doom and gloom here on homify, otherwise there’d be no point to this article!

No, we’d much rather spread good news and design tips, which is why we bring you these tried-and-tested ways of expanding the legroom in your home via clever décor- and furniture tricks.

Plus, we also have a professional interior design team in mind who are experts when it comes to maximising space and opening up homes via trendy furnishings, eye-catching colours, and other equally fabulous ways.

1. Pick a singular style

The quickest way to visually cramp a room is to mix and match design styles. Thus, the opposite is also true: make it look more expansive by sticking to a unified palette and one style. 

Don’t go for a wide variety of materials and colours – keep it simple to ensure a subtle and clean look. 

2. Choose low furniture pieces

With low sofas and tables in key areas, uninterrupted eye movement is ensured. The trick is to keep one’s gaze moving continuously through the confines of the different spaces in your home. And that’s where furniture pieces of lower height become vital, since they draw the eye upwards and create an illusion of greater space and airiness. 

3. Go with translucent blinds

We also love thick, heavy drapes that speak of a lush style, but they gobble up space like you wouldn’t believe. If too-little legroom is an issue, rather opt for neat, slick blinds in light colours and translucent textures. These allow natural light to filter in during the day and liven up your interiors in more ways than one. 

4. Welcome in the sunshine

Speaking of letting some light in, why stop at translucent window treatment? Large windows and glass doors will usher in buckets of exterior glow to spread warmth and vitality around your home. 

Bonus points if said windows and glass doors look out onto a beautiful view, like a picturesque garden, to further give your tiny interiors a big attitude. 

5. Choose your colour palette

There’s a time and a place for everything, and a tiny place is not the time for a bright colour scheme. Rather opt for soothing monochromatic colours. Play with a palette of lighter tints, like baby blue, mint green, daffodil yellow, etc. And don’t underestimate the power of the softer neutrals like off-whites, beiges, and greys to help you create the illusion of space. 

The same goes for your upholstery patterns and textures. Similar patterns and tints can help to visually link up spaces, even when it comes to wallpapers and home linen. 

6. Stow away spaces

Ever thought about burrowing into the walls behind the doors and along small passages to create cabinets? Try it, and while you’re at it, paint them the same colour as your walls to ensure they melt into the background.  

7. A design team to make your home look more spacious

Dessiner Interior Architectural is an interior design firm located in Pretoria. With the aim of providing deluxe designs and high-end finishes to its growing customer base, Dessiner Interior Architectural offers a wealth of services including interior decorating, interior architecture, space planning, and furniture selection. 

For every project, the team at Dessiner Interior Architectural takes into account a client’s daily routine, personal taste, and lifestyle. That ensures the end result is not only visually spectacular, but also truly functional for an individual’s wants and needs. 

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