10 effective ways to bring more light into your home

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Getting the most out of your home can be heavily influenced by the right furniture, décor and even more so the natural light filtering through. Interior designers can help you get the right setting when it comes to natural light and as a result, larger “feeling” spaces.

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Speaking of interior designers' tips, today you will learn 10 easy ways to get more light into your living spaces. Let's get started!

1. Go for the gloss

Glossy textures in tiles and worktops in your kitchen and bathroom can help reflect light throughout the space. You can apply the same concept throughout the other living spaces by adding furniture pieces with shiny finishes.  

2. Add some skylights

With a skylight, or skylights in your home, you’re able to draw in so much natural light. Because it’s basically a glass window, except it doesn’t necessarily have a blind or curtain to block out the light, it holds strong to “copious” amounts of natural light. Skylights are available in many shapes and sizes and can accommodate various budgets.  

3. Clean windows bring in more light

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It’s only natural that when windows are clean, that they a free from “light obstruction”. In other words, natural light from outside can freely shine and project through windows when it’s clean.   

4. Dark furniture is a NO!

Despite the fact that some dark furniture can set the tone for a more “regal” or “old-world” charming look, it isn’t always the best option if you’re looking to “open up” the spaces in your home. In fact, dark furniture, curtains and blinds don’t reflect light as well as lighter colours do.   

5. Utilise a partition wall

Partitions are good in many homes to divide space. However, instead of opting for something dark and dingy, rather go for a light colour partition wall and even one with slats to filter light to the next section.   

6. Choose pendant lights

Not only are pendant lights elegant, they also help if you’re looking to maintain natural light even after the sun has set. They distribute light better than traditional lamps and are also available in many designs.   

7. Use lights for extra decorative effects

Using lights as a decorative element can add that extra boost you need to light up the place. This is especially good for sections where the natural light cannot reach. Your interior designer in Pretoria can help you choose lighting fixtures that will suit your home and décor theme best.   

8. Go lighter on the paint colour

Bearing in mind that dark furniture can create a darker space, the same applies to the colour of the paint. Darker paints cannot reflect the light as good as lighter colours do. So go for a pop of lemon bright, minty green, white, baby blues, and of cause neutral light shades of brown.   

9. Opt for bi-folding doors

What’s great about bi-folding doors are not only their gorgeous modern edge to property designs but also the fact that they allow way more light in. Because they cover such a large area of “wall space”, they allow more natural light to filter through as opposed to regular- sized glass doors that only allows a limited amount of light.   

10. Trim the shrubbery outside the window

Trees and shrubbery directly outside the windows can cast shadows and block natural light from being able to shine through your house. Remember to trim any overhanging trees to minimise this effect.

Homebuyers like the feel of natural light and the bright happy feeling, it brings with it. So, improving the natural light of your home can increase the value of your house especially if it features a skylight or large glass wall curtains.

Be inspired by these trending living room designs that will spruce your home up!

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