Ceramiche Musa: Hand-painted floor and tiles made in Italy

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Ceramiche Musa: Hand-painted floor and tiles made in Italy

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Ambiente Bagno: Bagno in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA
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Hand-painted ceramics are one of the most loved solutions for the floors and walls of your home. Thanks to the latest interior designs trends these timeless surfaces and have swung back around and found themselves back in vogue.

With links to an age-old tradition, this method of creating beautiful, fascinating decorations is the perfect complement to modern home environments. It's precisely these qualities, together with a good dose of personalisation and uniqueness, that make Ceramiche Musa's range of 42 colors a standout choice.

A historic production company founded in Vietri in 1943 Ceramiche Musa have been active in Rome, Milan and the rest of Italy since the post-war period, which has seen progressive development over the years. The collections are now completely renovated to meet the needs of the contemporary market, but without betraying the vision conceived by the founder Luigi Montecchi. The sober and elegant taste of the iconic tiles is preserved, as well as the quality and the great attention to detail.

Modernity and Tradition

GEOMETRIE: Sala da pranzo in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA

Here is a range of refined and playful ceramic tiles for floors and walls, with patterns of recognizable personality that recall motifs of Mediterranean art and tradition. Here, the Caracalla decoration in ocher 5, yellow 279, blue 315 and green 140 perfectly matches with the natural materials of the dining area such as wood and other industrial materials like metal.

CARACALLA: Soggiorno in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA

A winning combination that isn't just limited to wall tiles, here it's used to break up parquet flooring with a golden touch thus creating beautiful detail thanks to the laying pattern. In this case, the Caracalla decoration in ocher 5, yellow 279, blue 315 and green 140 becomes a real trump card in living spaces that oscillate between modernity and tradition. 

COLOMBA: Sala da pranzo in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA

The well-defined character of the Colomba decoration (red 7, yellow 279, gray 413 & 313) fits perfectly even in contexts with a particularly contemporary decor. Styles like the industrial-vintage, Scandinavian, classic-modern and neo-colonial make use of ceramic tiles to create captivating backgrounds on which to place trendy furniture. The floor above, for example, is proposed as an effective base for modern accessories.

The result can only be standout when modern facilities combine the tradition of hand-painted materials.

ALICUDI: Studio in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA

Here, we find ourselves with a wall with all the current furnishing trends, but completely covered by the Alicudi decor in black 100 , from the retro pattern. Playing with full and empty spaces and contrasting niches, the furniture is able to make the whole room very appealing and dynamic. 

2. Bathing rooms protagonists

CERTOSA: Bagno in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA

From the past to the present, ceramic tiles are undoubtedly the best friend of show-stopping bathrooms. If classic is more your style, the decorations Siena and Certosa (in blue 451 and manganese 996) embrace floors and walls characterizing the room.

CERTOSA: Bagno in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA

It is possible, for example, to mark a specific area of ​​the bathroom, such as the one dedicated to the bath, to recreate an oasis of relaxation, or highlight the backsplash of the sink to define an intriguing focal point, thanks to the Certosa in blue 451.

CORFU: Bagno in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA


In general, there are as many possibilities as there are many stylistic combinations and color personalisations. From the celestial 300 and the blue 451 of the decoration Corfù diluted with white, to the most vivid red 7 of the decoration Intreccio matched with taupe 63 and its brushstroke. The aesthetics of every modern bathroom can be enhanced by the presence of this kind of decoration.


The Clessidra decoration (brown 422 and black 103) is the dominant theme with a strong geometric design. A brilliant combination of ceramics that expands the redefines the space for a guaranteed wow effect.




The Pennellato (light blue 300, blue 451 & light blue 168) used in this next room starts from the wall and then spreads on the floor, also incorporating the shower tray. The result is a great visual impact, that manages to amaze the viewer and guarantee an eclectic look to this ultra-modern bathroom.

PALERMO: Bagno in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA

What do you think of the Palermo (beige 378 & blue 451) combined with decor in the same colors instead of the carpet? 

What else but yes! This bathroom is dominated by a sober and trendy color palette while the composition lets the iconic tile design work its magic.




Pennellato: here is an eclectic and fun arrangement of tiles (light blue 168, red 7 & 7A, gray 413 and green 130 & 121), which focuses on color as an absolute force to illuminate and light the space of a modern bathroom.

3. A dream location overlooking the sea

PONZA: Balcone, Veranda & Terrazzo in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA

What better setting for the hand-painted class of the brand if not quite a wonderful location restored in Moorish style? The colorful patterns of the Ponza décor (light blue 300) know how to enhance the floors and walls of the bathroom, kitchen and terrace of a tourist structure overlooking the sea of ​​Abruzzo. The combination of the ceramic coverings and the clean white lime of the exterior appears impeccable.

1- FILICUDI: Bagno in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA



Here, earthy colours and the sea merge to put the interior design in harmony with the surrounding territory, respecting the distinctive features of the Mediterranean style.

ROMBI: Bagno in stile  di CERAMICHE MUSA

For more info, visit their website:  www.ceramichemusa.it. 

House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l.

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