How to turn your home into a natural paradise

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How to turn your home into a natural paradise

Stefani Bednarova Stefani Bednarova
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With the present state of the world being gloomy at best, it is no wonder that more and more of us are beginning to consider withdrawing from society and returning to nature. But this return can be metaphorical rather than literal and trust me, it works just the same. So, before you pack your bags and head for the jungle, read this short article that will show you how to turn your home into a colorful and peaceful natural paradise.

Fill your home with plants

Not all plants are suitable for indoors, so an important first step is to choose the right ones that will thrive rather than suffer inside your house. To achieve this beautiful jungle effect, you will need plants that have abundant leaves, and those with a busy lifestyle will benefit greatly from having plants that don't require a lot of care.

Devil's Ivy

di Connox Rustico Legno massello Variopinto

Devil’s Ivy is an excellent choice. This highly enduring plant is able to withstand low-light conditions and can survive with little water for long periods of time. But perhaps the best thing about Devil’s Ivy is its ability to grow in unexpected directions, turning plane walls into memorable backdrops by draping down in a graceful manner.


Monstera Magnifica & Monstera Fugiens di Tim van de Weerd Moderno
Tim van de Weerd

Monstera Magnifica & Monstera Fugiens

Tim van de Weerd

Monstera is the superstar of house plants and a must-have when aiming to create your very own indoors jungle. Its large, exotic leaves are a source of everlasting positive vibes that will transform your home into a tropical destination and a safe haven throughout the year. 

Get creative with hanging planters

Having plants hanging from the ceiling will give your house a unique look that will never fail to steal the show. will inspire you to make your own hanging planters from different materials, colours and patterns.

Spread your plants around

Instead of having all of your pots on the floor, spread them around on chairs, stools, shelves or window sills. To avoid blocking out sunlight, refrain from placing large plants directly in front of your windows, especially during the winter months.

Embrace the power of wallpaper

The right wallpaper will breathe life into your room, adding depth and creating an eye-catching background that will liven up your daily routine. Adding wallpaper with a tropical theme will give your everyday life a sense of adventure, by enhancing the sense of being amidst nature and a rainforest’s wildlife. 

Prints and paintings

If putting up wallpaper is not an option for you, decorate your walls with prints and paintings featuring a tropical theme instead. For a more relaxed look, leave large frames on the floor leaning against the wall. And if you think that a picture is not as convincing as the real thing, science has a surprise for you. According to studies in neuroscience, our brain does not distinguish a painted plant from a real one unless deliberately required to do so. 

Pastel pink heaven

EASTER PLANTS Studio in stile scandinavo di Pixers Scandinavo



If you are worried about overdoing it with too much green, choose a different colour for your sofa, pillows, pots, or armchairs. You can’t go wrong with adding pastel pink details in a room where plants are the central focus. Among your plants, soft pink will imply the presence of flowers, creating a sense of a natural scenery in bloom. 

Colorful adventures

Chameleon Soggiorno in stile coloniale di Pixers Coloniale



If you feel adventurous and want to make a bold statement with your decor, combine green with vibrant colours such as orange or yellow. It may seem risky but the jungle itself is full of contrasting colour combinations. Imagine the beautiful vision of a Toucan, with his brightly coloured beak, standing amidst rainforest leaves.

Natural materials

Sterling Oak Small Sideboard & TV Unit Soggiorno rurale di The Cotswold Company Rurale
The Cotswold Company

Sterling Oak Small Sideboard & TV Unit

The Cotswold Company

Decorative objects made from less processed natural materials will bring to your home the right amount of balanced imperfection. Bamboo, stone or clay, are all great choices as they complement nicely the unrefined beauty of nature which your interior design is aiming to embrace.

Rustic oak

Oakland 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet Studio in stile rurale di The Cotswold Company Rurale Legno Effetto legno
The Cotswold Company

Oakland 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet

The Cotswold Company

When introduced to interiors with a natural theme, rustic oak brings about an effortless harmony which derives from the wood’s natural patterns being revealed rather than concealed. Darker shades of oak will give your room a soft nostalgic aura especially when combined with vintage elements. On the other hand, lighter tones of red oak give off a sense of natural warmth and a cosy atmosphere that are hard to resist.

Endless supply of ideas

If you are looking from more inspiration check out these gorgeous decor ideas. And if you are feeling adventurous give these moss walls and frames a try. Whatever you decide to do, and whatever shape your creativity takes, have fun in the process. 

House 1 Camera da letto rurale di Opera s.r.l. Rurale

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