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Making a home office in 6 easy steps!

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With more and more organizations adopting work from home approach for its employees, the need for home office spaces is on the rise. Whether you are a self-employed professional who works from home or a corporate executive whose company offers flexible work options for some or all days of the week, having a dedicated work space at home is a must. A well designed home office creates an office like atmosphere within your house, enabling you to complete your planned tasks on time. You can cut down on painful traffic snarls, unwanted time spent on travel and also enjoy the luxury of stepping out of your office for lunch – only to find yourself in your own kitchen :)

This ideabook is the perfect guide on making a home office in 6 easy steps.

Peace and quiet/isolation

A home office needs to be a quiet and peaceful corner within your home, where you can focus on your work without any disturbances. The key is to be able to create that isolated space to be able to work just as you would have if you were at office. Make sure your home office is well lit and ventilated. 'it would be good to sound proof the room with a well fitted door to ensure the usual household sounds do not creep in. Working from home is in many ways more challenging than working from office. But a well designed home office is sure to handle all those challenges and aid you to work just as productively.


The focal point of your home office setup would most definitely be your desk. You can opt for classic wooden tables or trendy bright colored ones like this bright blue table, depending on your preferences and overall theme in the room. The important thing to ensure is that your desk is clean, wide enough to hold your work material and sufficient storage space for all your stationary, papers etc

Take a look at this ideabook with detailed listings of various types of desks for your home office.

Comfortable armchair

A good and comfortable armchair is the next big thing your home office needs. You will spend hours sitting on it and hence must be very carefully picked. The chair should be ergonomically perfect so that it encourages correct posture and comfortable sitting for hours. It will be good to have a swivel chair with height adjusters to help you adjust it to suit your requirement. Do not hesitate if you have to shell out a hefty amount if you are sure of the quality you are investing in, as you would be spending long hours on it while at work.


Natural light would be a blessing in any part of your house. Your home office is definitely no exception. A home office which is flooded with sunlight adds a lot of freshness to the room and helps you think with a clear mind. Good lighting is very important for the home office so that your eyes are not strained after spending hours in front of the computer. It will be a good idea to have focus lamps directly above your desk, in addition to the common lighting for the room. This will ensure you have clear visibility of everything on your desk without having to look around too much. 

Shelf for documents

The key to a mess free and organized home office is sufficient storage space for important work related documents, papers and books. A shelf, big enough to hold your paperwork, is just what you need. A book shelf also adds an intellectual tinge to your home office and you can use it to stack up books related to work or otherwise. It will always be nice to have some interesting reads handy when you want to unwind and take a quick break in between work.

And if you are a book lover beyond the work place, you could check up these unique book shelf ideas for the rest of your house too.


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Bespoke Aztec Terrarium Installation

The Urban Botanist

Green is a soothing color. Have you ever tried gazing at nature in between work, especially when tired and drained out? The feeling is extremely refreshing and will leave you with a calm mind to resume your work. Try bringing the outside in, with small indoor plants or desk plants to help add a dash of refreshing and natural greens to your home office. It will not just brighten up your work space but will also keep you charged up always.

With these easy pointers, we are sure you are now all set to go about and create your personal home office. If you still need some more inspiration these interesting home office designs will surely impress you. Go have a look!

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