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6 vases you need right now!

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Spring is finally approaching and that means flower markets, fresh bouquets on every corner and in every grocery store, and preparing your own garden for the summer to come.  This also means you should start including fresh flowers in your home as well!  There seems to be two scenarios that happen when one buys or receives flowers: either you can't seem to find a proper vase to put them in, or you have so many but they're generic, outdated, or just plain ugly.

A flower or plant vase should both match and support the beauty of that which they hold. Most times when it comes to home decor and accessories, being strategic can be exhausting, but with all the beautiful vases available, this should be a strategic decision that is fun and fulfilling.  Fresh flowers will brighten your space and bring more happiness to your abode than you could ever imagine! So check out our list of the six types and styles of vases that you should consider as spring arrives!


This porcelain vase is one of our favourites as it can easily match any interior, has clean, minimal lines and a colour scheme that will draw attention.  The designers (find them here) have a whole, wonderful series of porcelain art works that will work great for anyone that adores Scandinavian, minimalist, or modern design!

We suggest that, in order to find the best porcelain vases, you should stick with local designers, flea markets and artisan markets where everything is handmade, hand painted and hand-glazed! The paint options are unlimited and both the shapes and sizes can vary greatly in size, making them the perfect companion for almost any plant or flower bouquet you might bring home!


One of the original materials of flower and plant vases has recently undergone a major transformation. No longer are glass vases overly thick and top heavy! Take a look at this wonderful example of how minimalism and glass have been perfectly combined to make a work of art! The wooden bottom and top provide a structural durability to the design, while the glass and mid-section exposes the two tiny holders on both sides.  

If you choose a design such as this one, it doesn't matter what flowers or greenery you add, the vase is a talking point alone!


The most brilliant part about modern plant/flower vases is their incredible versatility.  You can find them straight or curly, small or large, glass or concrete, vertical or horizontal – the list goes on.  Here, we have a  wonderful geometric-style, concrete vase with a metal interior where the plant would sit.

One might think a concrete vase would be too heavy to adjust or move, but think again – when designers hollow out the interior of the vase and replace the container with plastic, metal or glass then the weight distribution becomes more even and manageable. 

To show you just how versatile modern-style vases can be, check out these minimalist examples and see how the choice is truly yours if you're looking in the right places!

Tip: To help offset the modernism or minimalism of the vases you choose, pick super large flowers or plants in pale pinks, reds and whites.  The femininity of these colours provides the perfect balance to stark, minimalist pieces!


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Lilac Coast

Zinc Metal Florist Bucket Vase

Lilac Coast

What a classic – both metal vases and the examples shown here – a traditional flowering pot!  Metal pots have always and will always be around – they're easy to find, come in a variety of sizes and are always cost-effective – so what's not to love?

As seen here, metal vases can work with anything from tulip bouquets to succulents and any other greenery and flowers you can think of. They're sturdy enough to hold almost any size plants!

One warning we want to give with metal plant holders is that the mixture of water and metal will typically rust over time – so choose a good plastic interior lining to get prolonged use of your metal vases and containers!


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In this case, classic doesn't have to mean boring, or too traditional.  As stated before, glass vases have become truly unique and artisanal – and in no other examples can that be seen more clearly than here. These artisanal glass vases have been masterfully created with the perfect tint of colour and just enough thinness to give themselves an incredibly modern and minimalist feel.

In vases such as these, we suggest that you skip dirt and rocks!  Simply choose a bouquet, or better yet, one or two individual flowers.  Then add water, and voila! You have created an artwork in and of itself by letting boththe beauty of the flowers and the beauty of the vases speak for themselves!

These beautiful glass vases are designed by Polka based in Vienna. Check out some their other designs, you won't be disappointed!


Trust us, you will be absolutely amazed at the unique creations that are now available for plant and flower vases.  It might even leave you wondering why you need to add a flower or plant to them at all! 

Honestly, for the example shown here, that would definitely be acceptable! What's great about these unique vases is that most of the time we won't have the time, or the money or even the availability to obtain the fresh flowers and plants we want when they're out of season, etc; – so during those moments, having pieces like these is fantastic because you still have a beautiful sculptural piece in your home either way.

When going with unique vases, make sure to keep the addition of plants and flowers simple so one doesn't overpower the other – as seen here!

Want to extend the floral fever to your back yard? Check out this Ideabook on how to decorate your garden with plants!

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