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The Geometric Home of Concrete and Timber

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In most modern constructions, design materials such as wood, plaster and brick are often still favoured by architects, to create durable homes in a range of styles and forms. This interesting abode, designed by Argentina's Besonídas Almeida Arquitectos, bucks this trend by combining a predominantly concrete structure with myriad timber panels, for a unique, geometric effect.

From the get-go this home engages the eye with its striking form, with the cool grey of its concrete shell interspersed with wooden beams. The interior of the abode is just as inventive, with a lengthy, open plan design housing kitchen, living and dining spaces, and flanked by a courtyard and a deck to accommodate outdoor living. 

The master bedroom is at once cosy, light and functional, with its luxurious bed surrounded by built-in furnishings for storage and display, and the entire room is lit to perfection through a large window. The bathroom, meanwhile, departs from the cool, grey tones prevailing throughout the home's decor, with its expansive shower unit lined in a mosaic of brown tiles, which infuse the room with its own sense of personality.

This home showcases a highly unique design and aesthetic, with plenty of ideas in store for lovers of geometric architecture. Take a tour below and see what you think!

Crisp lines and boxes

From the outset this home engages with the crisp lines of its geometry, with its flowing timber slats and concrete boxes oozing contemporary appeal. The house presents an intriguing contrast against its rural surrounds, with the industrial edge of concrete offset by the vibrant green of the trees skirting the property. An understated driveway of parallel, wooden beams leads the way to the interior. Let's take a closer look.

Relaxed and simple style

Moving along the timber path and we come across this simple, stylish courtyard, which is bathed in light flowing through the home's concrete frame. 

Pale gravel lines the ground, while a small tree stands central within the space, its leaves primed to provide a shady spot under which the occupants can relax and unwind in warm weather.

An open plan interior

The interior of the home is lengthy and open, with a sense of flow created by its linear construction. The primary living quarters combine kitchen, dining and living rooms beneath a ceiling of cool, grey concrete. Pale timber lines the floor, while a lovely, streamlined deck borders the left hand side of the home, balancing the courtyard seen above with another understated space for outdoor living.

Cool grey in the kitchen

A closer look at the kitchen reveals a sophisticated design, blending contemporary and industrial styles. Polished concrete constructs the shelves and benches, with stainless steel fittings and appliances and a section of white, mosaic tiles providing a contrast of colour and texture. 

A sleek, concrete dining table flows out from the kitchen island, providing a built-in space to serve a family meal.

A master bedroom with lots of light

The master bedroom carries through the home's prevailing decor of concrete walls and ceilings paired with pale timber flooring, with a large window included to provide natural illumination. A voluminous bed rests central within the room, inviting relaxation amidst its cosy environs, while concrete shelving and a set of bedside tables have been built in for added functionality.

Brown mosaic tiles in the bathroom

Moving through to the bathroom and we discover a generously proportioned space decorated with an intricate array of mosaic tiles in a spectrum of brown tones. The tiles line a spacious shower and add a sense of depth and character to the room. Also included is a large mirror, which adds to the bathroom's sense of expanse, while the use of concrete is present once again in the construction of the sink unit and vanity.

Cleverly constructed guest quarters

In addition to the home's master bedroom, a second bedroom has been included housing this clever array of bunk beds to accommodate guests or children. The room exudes a cosy charm, with the impressive construction of the beds adding a contemporary edge to the space, which is beautifully lit overall by large, sliding glass doors leading out onto the home's front deck.

Expansive windows for an open feel

A glimpse at the rear of this lovely property displays the full extent of its lengthy, open plan design, with reams of glass panelling stylishly showcasing the kitchen, living and dining areas. Also seen here is the home's expansive rear decking, which frames the length of the abode and provides a casual space for outdoor living. Beyond the deck, a simple, concrete stairway leads down to a small back yard, with its soft sand perfect to host play time with young children.

If you enjoyed the geometric construction of this superb home, then take a tour of This Modern Geometric Masterpiece for more design ideas!

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