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In this modern era of shrinking home size, especially in cities, if we are really lucky to have a balcony the challenge is to make the most of it. Usually balcony is the only open space in city homes and can be a small recluse for you and your family not only in sultry evenings of summer but also in winters for some warmth. Balcony deserves to be furnished and decorated with your personal touch and preferences. Plants are the most common embellishment we use to decorate the balcony. It brings in the much needed freshness and vibrancy into the space. But then, why to put all the responsibility of making the balcony impressive on humble plants? Let’s peep into some spectacular balconies designed by the experts of Homify and get inspired. Have a look!

​1. Beauty and freshness comes in pots

It is a fact that plants has the power to enhance the beauty of the space instantly and make the whole balcony or terrace bright and bubbling with fresh energy.

​2. Dine in style amidst nature

A small dining table and greenery all around; it’s a bliss.

​3. Into the woods

Decorate your balcony with wood and wooden planters and let the plants merges with the warmth and natural beauty of the wood.

​4. Patches of green

Greenery as patches on wall and railing fits perfectly in a small balcony.

​5. Creating a comfortable environment

Explore the space and create a comfortable environment for complete relaxation.

​6. Stylish and comfortable modern furniture

The comfort of modern furniture; you can even refurbish and redesign your old cane furniture and make it elegant and chic.

​7. Freshness from the soothing environment

Create a fresh and soothing environment with shade, colours and sound of water.

​8. Serenity from light and lighting

The serenity of magical lights and shades are simply unmatched.

​9. Playing with sun and shade

Either by curtains or a permanent structure; ensure some privacy or protect yourself from extra warmth of Indian sun while enjoying the beauty of the terrace with your family and friends.

​10. Popping cheerfulness of colour

Colours make the space lively, try it.

​11. The canvas called wall

Make the wall your canvas and paint your imagination there. In fact every family member should contribute and turn it into a family art gallery.

​12. A beautiful blend of materials

Grass and gravel on the floor and wood and stone on the wall; it’s a beautiful blend of imagination and innovation.

​13. A bed of gravel

Gravel is perfect for small garden as it will look neat, clean and chic.

​14. Stone wall decorated with flowers

Enjoy your love for gardening in a small space and decorate the wall with pots, plants and vertical garden.

​16. Basking in nature’s lap

Get connected with nature and natural surrounding and live with nature.

​17. Break the monotony of monochrome with dash of colours

Complement the elegance of black and white with a touch of colour.

​18. One for celebrating the togetherness of big Indian family

No celebration is complete without a big gathering. Get ready to accommodate all.

​19. Sparkling and fresh with seasonal flowers

Make your stunning little balcony special with fresh flowers.

​20. Lush green carpet beneath the feet

It will be a treat to mind, body and soul; walking in a small balcony with lush green lawn beneath our feet.

​21. Shades from above

Bring in the charm of countryside in your city home by building a pergola and then covering it with climbers.

​22. Colour the wall green with plants

Create an amazing enclosure and then cover the wall with greenery.

Get some ideas and transform your balcony into hub for outdoor activities: Transform your balcony into a hub of outdoor pleasures!

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