5 Beautiful contemporary bedrooms in South Africa

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5 Beautiful contemporary bedrooms in South Africa

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Bedroom is very relax and be yourself and that is why it is important the interior design should reflect your personality. Designing a bedroom is the most tricky part when it comes to decorating your home because it can’t be too fancy but glamorous enough to go along with the entire concept. So, if you are wondering how to balance all the design aspects of a bedroom design, we have some ideas for you that will come handy.

1. Simplistic and white

This bedroom is the ultimate definition of calm and comfort. The white and beiges complete each other and display a symphony that relax you and take away all the stress. Rather than going for a four poster bed, the designer has added curtains around the bed, so that you can have maximum privacy and get all cosy.

2. Neutral colors

This bedroom has only three colors – white, aqua, and grey and there’s no better combination you can find if you aren’t sure how you want to decorate your bedroom. Take a look at the lights hanging from the false ceiling. While rest of the room is plain, the rug has multiple patterns to balance the entire look.

3. With a dash of pop

If you love bright colors but want your bedroom to have a relaxed environment, this is the kind of design you should go for. Paint one of the walls with your favorite color, while keeping others white. Keep all the furniture neutral with pillows and chairs in your favorite color or similar tones.

4. Industrial and minimal

This is the perfect bedroom design for a teenage boy. It has a rough look with all the metal, blues, and greys that give stability to the room. The designer has paid close attention to the details including the open t-shirt closet, different area rugs, and mismatched side table.

5. Bedroom for a princess

Every five-years old dreams of having an ice cream bedroom, just like this one. Even with all the colors included, the room has a comfortable vibe. Even though it is a smaller room than the others, it has all elements placed perfectly including library, chair by the window, and activity table.

You can check out more bedroom ideabooks for inspiration.

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