A quaint village house with exciting and vibrant interiors

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Ristrutturazione di Villa Monofamigliare UAU un'architettura unica Case moderne
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The house you will tour today is an independent double storey village house which has been bought by modern owners. They wanted to make the house more vibrant, lively and warm. Hence, the architects at UAU UN'ARCHITETTURA UNICA decided to combine rustic charm with trendy designs and colours for a living experience that is unique and inspiring. While the exterior is typically quaint, the interiors are bursting with hues like orange, yellow, red and so on. So read on to get innovative ideas for your own project.

Charming facade

The exterior renovation of the old house involved putting up of pretty wooden shutters for a warm and welcoming appearance. The freshly painted creamy yellow walls contrast the shutters nicely and make the house appear large and friendly.

Stunning entrance

The use of clear glass panes overhead and the mirrored wall in front make for a bright, airy and open look at the entrance. We love how the orange hues contrast the white walls and complement the wooden flooring. The lush vines add a lively touch here.

Unique living space

With an orange wall on one side and a bright yellow wall on another side, the stylish living space is indeed eye-catching. The flooring is rendered in oak wood and looks very classy. The sofa with its plump cushions looks cosy as well.

Contemporary and bright kitchen

The undulating ceiling lends this ultramodern kitchen a very exclusive appearance, while wood and white cabinets take care of storage needs. With appliances on one side and a L-shaped bench on the other side, this kitchen is highly functional and versatile. The orange walls jazz up the space, while wood lends warmth.

A bedroom full of sunshine

Lavish use of sunny yellow on all walls has made this stylish bedroom cheerful and bright. The dark furniture provides ample contrast and warmth, along with the elegant wooden flooring. The artworks and the quirky shape of the room hint at the creativity of the architects.

Compact yet wonderful bathroom

Rendered mostly in dark wood, beige and soft grey hues, the bathroom is compact yet inviting and soothing. It is highly functional with modern fixtures placed correctly, and the dark red rugs add life and warmth here.

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