Decorating a bay window

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Decorating a bay window

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Camera da letto in stile  di RS Architects
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Bay windows are stunning home features that add charm, charisma and character to heritage homes and provide interest and intrigue for newer, contemporary dwellings. As well as adding abundant natural light to a residence, they act as a gorgeous space within an interior living zone.

Bay windows exude grace, sophistication, style and are a striking element within any home. So how do you decorate this space, whilst retaining the panache and elegance of the window? Today on homify we are taking a look at some beautifully designed bay window spaces. Areas that evoke true sophistication without sacrificing liveability or homeliness. 

Whether you have a modern bay window or a traditional, heritage styled space, take a peek at the following examples and some inspiration for your home!

Window seat

Finestre & Porte in stile  di Plantation Shutters Ltd
Plantation Shutters Ltd

Cafe Style Shutters for Bay Windows

Plantation Shutters Ltd

If you are looking to create extra seating in your living space, why not construct a bay window seat? This example is a great demonstration of how to accomplish the task and provides a stylish space to sit, read or relax.

Another benefit of the bay window seat is its ability to incorporate storage into the space below. If you have storage issues within your home, they provide a stylish yet hidden area and can provide much needed space for all those home accessories and miscellany. Pair this style of window with shutters or curtains but remember to speak to a professional to ensure you get exactly what you want. 

Classic country style

This living room is simply gorgeous. Replete with all the necessary furniture and accessories for a stunning country home, the space oozes sophistication. Here the bay window contains seating that works brilliantly with the other items of furniture and leaves the space relatively empty and spacious. 

Contemporary chic

Soggiorno in stile  di London Building Renovation
London Building Renovation

Bellevue, Harrow on-the-Hill

London Building Renovation

Bay windows are most commonly seen in heritage or traditionally designed homes  but can also be contemporary features.

In this example we see a bay window that exudes old-world charm but incorporates contemporary furniture for a stylishly individual approach. The chaise longue is added to give the space a luxurious seating area and an ideal place to nap, rest, relax or watch the world go by. 

Comfortable seating

Casa in stile  di London Refurbishments
London Refurbishments

North West London refurbishment and extension

London Refurbishments

Seating is one of the most common ways to design a bay window. Here, in this example, the furniture chosen is a two-seat sofa, which brings a modern touch to the heritage architecture.

Neutral hues are seen throughout but bright red throw cushions add a sense of interest and creativity within the space. A retro lamp is also included to inject a contemporary element, also providing easy lighting for night-time reading or relaxing. 

Inspirational workspace

Camera da letto in stile  di RS Architects
RS Architects

Islington House Conversion

RS Architects

What better space to work than this stylish, light filled bay window? This area oozes character and charisma: from the large shutters to the expansive view beyond, the room is a standout space for charm and style.

Within this large bay window a single desk has been placed. This maximises the room's sense of purpose, as well as giving the occupant an amazingly beautiful place to sit and work. Choose vintage pieces of furniture that add to the heritage style of the architecture and create a truly unique workspace. 

Stylish lighting

Soggiorno in stile  di BluBambu Living
BluBambu Living

Open Plan Living – New South Coast Extension

BluBambu Living

This bay window has been effortlessly designed with style and sophistication. The frames are adorned with shutters that, in their white hue, look brilliant against the dark wall colour.

A tripod freestanding light has also been employed, giving a stylish sense of comfort to the space,  which is further enhanced with a single statement seat. The bay window is minimal and looks seamlessly incorporated into the room and neighbouring furniture. 

For more bay window inspiration, check out these: Beautiful Bay Windows.

House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l.

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