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7 tips to brighten dark rooms

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Our environment can easily affect our mood just like how a dark room can make you feel all gloomy, scared, or sleepy. Generally, we'd prefer a brighter room to keep a happy vibe or to conveniently entertain our guests or even to simply see the words we're reading from a book! So just how do you brighten up a room? Check out these seven tips ranging from the obvious to the subtle!

1. Light up the corners

The quickest solution to a dark room is of course setting up lights. But there is actually an art and science behind this trick because, firstly, you would want to combine aesthetic with function. So when you do decide to shop for lights, note first the space you are working on like if you have a smaller room, opt for ceiling lights instead of stand lamps to maximize the area. The hanging or pendulum lights also create an elongated look for a low-ceiling room.

2. Invest on pastel and white furnishings

Bright and light furnishings reflect light thus making dark rooms appear more cheerful. These also effect a clean and happy-looking space where you can relax and be dainty at the same time. There are also a wider selection of pastel furnishings on the market these days so you can play around with their different shades. If you prefer a more conservative or classic style, then choose white! You can never go wrong with it. Check out Scandinavian styled rooms for your guidance.

3. Create contrasts on the walls

When you have but a single hue on your walls, you end up with a bright room yes but a boring one at that. Add some depth and form to your crib by mixing and matching the bright walls with solid toned-decorations. Play with the possibility of hanging art pieces of vibrant mixed colors or hang some artsy memorabilia! The key is to break the monotony by alternating colors and textures.

4. Build lighted ceilings

Explore the idea of installing lights on your ceiling! To keep it simple yet classy, go for halogen lights. You may go all playful by checking out LED lighting to achieve an intergalactic vibe inside with the assistance of professionals. You may also toy with the thought of going for false or suspended ceilings with lights lining the edges of said ceilings.

5. Install indoor windows

There are a lot of benefits when you put up interior windows. One is that they're basically like free pass for natural outdoor lighting to brighten the interiors. Second is that indoor windows connect adjacent rooms, which somehow mimics an open-plan interior design where residents can easily converse or take food orders. Another thing to consider is that these indoor windows can let in more air.

6. Select the right curtains

Not only do these protect you from prying eyes, but curtains also adorn the room and make feel cozy, provided that you chose that perfect curtain that's ideal for you and 80. The right curtain is pretty much subjective like you might go for an all-white interior so a white curtain would be ideal!

7. Explore shiny surfaces

What we're referring to by shiny must be strictly construed to include house-related items like going for glossier end drawers. Imagine a white and wood combo all throughout. Doesn't that just seem too dull? An extra gloss from the surface of say, a table, would absolutely bring you back to the present. Remember to also look into the different colors that could complement that gloss to appear retro mod straight from the 60s.

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