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Get Your House Clean as Fast as Lightning

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It’s Friday evening, you are just back from work and you are relaxing on the sofa. The week has been long and exhausting and the housework has suffered, the house is a mess. You look around at the dirty dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor and dust on every surface. At this exact moment the phone rings, it’s your mother in law, she is coming around to talk about something important. How can you tidy the house in under fifteen minutes? This may seem like an impossible task; but there is a way. There are certain parts of a house that visitors notice more than others, by cleaning these areas the house can appear cleaner than it actually is. homify has done the research and has found a strategy to clean a house as fast as lightening, simply follow these 6 steps.

Clear Surfaces and Close Open Things

When it comes to the cleanliness of a house, first impressions are crucial. One way to make a space appear clean is to ensure that surfaces are clear and clean. Clear surfaces are one of the first places that become untidy. When we return home from a long day at work the first thing we do is to drop our belongings on a table. Clear surfaces are like a magnet drawing objects and mess to them, whether it is a coffee mug, the mail or other odds and ends. Start to tidy the house by clearing all surfaces; coffee tables, side tables and dining tables. Put offending articles into drawers or cupboards out of view. These surfaces can then be wiped clean with a damp cloth. A clean, uncluttered surface screams a tidy house. 

Clean Mirrors

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Jo Gibbs

Mirrors are a great design element in a house, they can make the area seem more spacious and reflect the design elements within the room. Mirrors are often placed in the entrance to a house.  For this reason it is important that they are kept clean. Dirty and dusty mirrors are immediately noticeable as they will  reflect less light and appear dull and grey. By simply cleaning the mirrors in an entrance to a house can make the entire entrance appear bright, fresh and clean. This mirror  is a great example. In this dark corner it reflects the light from a nearby window. If it was dusty it would not reflect the same amount of light. This stunning mirror was designed by Jo Gibbs.

Hide Dirty Dishes in the Dishwasher

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Bosch integrated dishwasher

Harvey's Select

As you dash around the house in a mad cleaning frenzy, your eyes find the stack of dirty dishes in the sink. You can’t clean them now. There is only one solution. Hide them. This is not a long term solution to the problem of dirty dishes, but it can provide a short term solution for the duration of a short visit. Ideally dirty dishes would be hidden in a dishwasher, although not all houses have dishwashers. In these houses it becomes necessary to find alternatives; the oven. As a temporary measure, put all dirty dishes in the oven; to be dealt with at a later time. Once this has been done it is time to make the kitchen appear clean. Put all other items away to create clear surfaces. Wipe down these surfaces to create the impression of a clean and organised kitchen.

Hide Clothes in the Wardrobe

The next room to tackle is the bedroom. The main area of untidiness in a bedroom is the issue of clothes. Ideally clothes, once cleaned are replaced to their proper storage in the wardrobe. Unfortunately clothes are often tried on and rejected or worn for the day before being discarded on chairs, beds or even the floor. This can create quite a mess by the end of the week. This problem would normally result in a tidy; sorting clothes for washing or putting away. Unfortunately a lightening clean does not allow time for this to occur. For a lightening clean hide clothes in the wardrobe. Once the clothes have been removed, ensure that the bed has been made and is straightened. With all items off the floor and the bed made, this will make the bedroom appear tidy and clean.  This wardrobe was designed by Lignum Schreinerei.

Pile Loose Magazines

The living room is the space where to family spends most of their time. It is where they watch television, read and entertain friends. It can become very messy very quickly. At the centre of this untidiness is the coffee table. At the height of the party it can be covered in mugs, glasses, snacks, magazines and personal effects. Although these may be removed by the next day, the living room can still appear untidy and dirty. A quick way to tidy this space is to start with removing anything that does not belong there, remote controls, phones and odd clothes. Arrange the furniture neatly in the room. When this is done, its time tackle the coffee table. Wipe down the coffee table to remove dust, food scraps and dust. When done arrange magazines and books on top.  This creates the perfect impression of a tidy and clean space.

Fresh Flowers

As you hear a car pull into the drive of the house, you are putting the final touches on your lightening clean house. It is important that the first impression be a positive. The house is now tidy and presentable, although is it still stuffy and stale? A stuffy, smelly house can ruin all the good work done by tidying and cleaning the house. One way to remedy this is to open the windows and allow the fresh air to enter the house. Although it may be winter and raining. A better way to bring fragrance and beauty into the house is through fresh flowers. Fresh flowers bring an element of elegance and style into any space. Use a variety of flowers to brighten each room.

Whatever the reason, there are often times when you need to clean a house quickly. This can seem like an impossible task, but there are ways to make this possible. Crafty short cuts are strategies that can make this an achievable task. Whether it is moving items such as dirty dishes or clothes to another location to deal with later, or cleaning strategic surfaces to enhance the appearance of cleanliness and organisation there are always ways to make your home clean and tidy as fast as lightening. For more cleaning ideas see Clear the Clutter; Employ a Minimilist Bedroom Design.

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