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12 ideas to separate spaces in small apartments

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
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To anyone who is looking to divide spaces in their apartments when space ironically constraints them, you have stumbled upon the ideal ideabook! We're attempting to revisit ideas that may have crossed your mind. Read on to find out how.

1. Make use of existing furniture

Rather than choosing dividers or clear cut demarcations to separate spaces in your home, make use of the existing furniture to form divides. This is depicted in the preceding image as the dining table is used to separate the area into two halves. 

2. A dedicated separator

A multipurpose separator could be exactly what your room is in search for. Take for example, this bookshelf which is artistically created to leave a hint of modernity. 

3. With blinds

A divider with spaces like this one would be a great choice for dividing the area if you are looking to let some light in. This idea works best wood though you could substitute it with a material of your choice. 

4. Curtains

The magic that comes with drapes is fully understood with this next idea! Gone is the need for dividers or dedicated furniture as this is a quick and economical resort. 

5. The wall of furniture




Pick out an ensemble such as this to give in to your furnishing needs as well as your decor needs. It's a rather simple design that would serve the purpose of separating spaces instantly. 

6. Supportive furniture

Another way to make the most of a wall or divider is to use it as a backbone for your furniture. This allows you to utilize your furniture to the fullest. 

7. Suspended shelves

Decorate the pillars in your home in a similar fashion to bring out the absolute best in your home. The added bonus that this idea comes with is the fact that it can act as a divider as well. 

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8. Hole in the wall!

You could also opt for a design such as this. It functions as a wall separating spaces, as well as a table stand or shelf. How you choose to make use of the functionality is entirely up to you. 

9. Sliding doors

porte in vetro di design di bellinvetro Moderno

porte in vetro di design


Sliding doors are perfect to separate spaces. Frosted glass or simple plain glass could do the trick for you depending on your choice of material. 

For more on small spaces, check out this ideabook

10. Kitchen island

Cucina eclettica di homify Eclettico

A kitchen island is another great way to separate spaces as it is fully mobile, meaning to say that you can move it at times when you do not need it. 

11. Honeycomb walls

You can incorporate separation in the bedroom with a honeycomb maze such as this. It works well if you aren't looking for something that completely blocks off a portion.

12. Glassdoors

Salva spazio Studio in stile industriale di Archifacturing Industrial Ferro / Acciaio

Salva spazio


Glass doors are yet another idea to experiment with in times when the need for separation ideas surfaces. 

We're open to more ideas from you!

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