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Feng Shui: 8 ideas for a more harmonious home

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The funny thing about life is that it is made out of a million moments, of good times and bad times, and the little moments in between. Considering this, I'm sure most of us are seeking happiness, for ourselves and our family, which is why Homify is here to help you fill your home with good energy. 

I'm sure you wouldn't want to live in a house that is shrouded in a cloud of bad energy. So here's a way to turn things around by getting rid of them. Feng Shui has become an excellent tool to clean houses from bad vibrations. Etymologically it is feng (wind) shui (water), and originated from China about 3,000 years ago. The goal of Feng Shui is to infuse natural elements present in the house and designing it in a way that welcomes the flow of good energy.

Today, we'll share with you some tips that will help you find balance at home or in the office, using the basic elements of nature that correspond to wood, fire, earth, water and metal, which will also dispose the negative energies from your space.

1. Do not neglect the corners: it is important to have some decorative objects

In Feng Shui, every space in the house plays a very important role. These corner areas of the house must be decorated to prevent negative energies from being concentrated there. It is recommended to put some hanging pots or have them along the floor.

2. Avoid overcrowding the spaces so energies will flow freely

Another very important aspect in Feng Shui to eliminate the bad energies of the house. So try not to accumulate clutter or unnecessary objects that have no more function in the space. This accumulation of expendable objects can generate an unpleasant atmosphere. 

3. Mirrors should not reflect doors and windows

The mirrors are considered important elements in the decoration, because they are ideal to amplify the space by creating an illusion of a larger room. However, when it comes to bad energies, they should be arranged towards a certain view that avoids the windows and doors.

4. Avoid placing the dining room chairs backwards to an entrance

Many people are disturbed to find themselves facing away from an entrance, since when they come to visit they can not quickly see who they are. Therefore, when arranging your furniture, this should also be considered.

5. Distribute the furniture in an enclosed circular manner

To maintain a smooth conversation involving all people, it is recommended to place the furniture in a circular fashion. In this way, everyone present can see each other.

6. Do not place the bed under the window or in front of the mirror

This minimalist room complies with the rule of not placing the bed under the window or in front of the mirror. The reason is that through the window can enter bad energies, while the mirror causes the energies to ricochet, and can disturb the sleep of those who sleep.

7. Always enjoy natural light

Nature is often the best ally to combat the negative energies that are concentrated at home. Therefore, in Feng Shui, natural light plays a very important role, since it dissipates those unwanted energies.

8. Have plants in the house

Plants are excellent in combating the negative energies, so it is recommended to have a small garden inside the house with the varieties that you like the most. The same applies to flowers, which must be replaced as soon as they begin to wither.

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