This simple modern bungalow has everything you need

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This simple modern bungalow has everything you need

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Case in stile  di Klaus Mäs Architektur, Moderno
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German expert Klaus Mäs Architektur from Bornheim is kind enough to share one of his prime creations for our homify 360° discovery today – a modern home that enjoys a comfortable amount of space (not too large, as we all know how impersonal and ‘cold’ a gigantic mansion can seem), as well as a strong link with the lush outdoors.

Let’s take a look!

Simply yet stylish

Why do some people feel the need to go overboard when it comes to their homes? This little creation doesn’t resort to fancy embellishments or an overly decorated façade, yet still manages to look super modern and quite charming. 

Love that monochrome look that contrasts so effectively with the fresh greens of the garden

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A spacious back garden

Wow! Did you really expect the rear side of the house to be quite so open and spacious? There’s a myriad of possibilities here, from adding a swimming pool and jungle gym for the kiddies to building a garden cottage for overnight guests.

However, we quite like the fact how that terrace spills forth from the house and then transforms into a wide open (and strikingly green) lawn. Less is more, as they say.

A fresh ambience

Notice how this little courtyard has been styled up for al fresco socialising (in the same magnificent monochrome look as the façade, we might add).

And of course the fact that buckets of natural light get to seep inside via those generous glass doors is just icing on the cake.

The modern interiors

For the interior spaces, the colour palette has been altered to a warmer look, with light browns, beiges and creams making this living room seem quite modern while also being most inviting. 

Shall we enjoy a few more images of this house?

House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l., Rurale

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