15 homes with beautiful terraces and courtyards

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15 homes with beautiful terraces and courtyards

Naia Carlos Naia Carlos
Case in stile  di homify, Classico
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Here in the tropics, outdoor spaces at home are undeniably enticing. After all, there’s nothing as relaxing than sitting outside, catching a refreshing breeze during the hot summer months or enjoying the cool climes of the rainy season.

Whether you live in a cottage, a condominium or a villa, there is always room for a peaceful space dedicated to connect you to the outdoors. Take a look at these 15 homes with terraces and courtyards that are as beautiful as their views.

1. Minimal beauty

Case in stile  di homify, Minimalista

This ultra-modern home is without frills, but certainly chic. Its box-type architecture includes plenty of opportunities for enjoying time outdoors, from a balcony tucked away on the second floor to the wide and open cobbled courtyard that looks ideal for get-togethers.

2. Brick chalet

An elevated deck creates a separate area for al fresco dining from the garden. Small potted plants set against the backdrop of the brick house makes for a charming picture. Tip: mismatched chairs can add a bit of eclectic flair to dining sets, especially outdoors where you have more of a leeway to play around with the décor.

3. Ladder courtyard

Case in stile  di Nico Papalia Architect, Moderno
Nico Papalia Architect

e n n e g i h o u s e

Nico Papalia Architect

A staircase-style garden with different levels can make a courtyard feel more layered. It also maximizes limited space and offers a better view of the plants from the front of the house. A small shaded terrace at the top is a nice place to admire the garden.

4. Wide grass area

In a busy urban setting, a large expanse of garden can transform the house into an oasis. Stretches of green outside full-length glass windows can make residents feel like they’re outdoors even when they’re just enjoying the view. 

5. A happy corner

 in stile {:asian=>"asiatico", :classic=>"classico", :colonial=>"coloniale", :country=>"In stile Country", :eclectic=>"eclettico", :industrial=>"industriale", :mediterranean=>"mediterraneo", :minimalist=>"minimalista", :modern=>"moderno", :rustic=>"rustico", :scandinavian=>"scandinavo", :tropical=>"tropicale"} di homify,

Find even just a small nook outside the house where you can breathe and eat a meal al fresco when you need a break. If you don’t have a lot of space, be creative. With the right space and an eye for design, even a corner can be turned into a beautiful hideaway.

6. Sunny patio

 in stile {:asian=>"asiatico", :classic=>"classico", :colonial=>"coloniale", :country=>"In stile Country", :eclectic=>"eclettico", :industrial=>"industriale", :mediterranean=>"mediterraneo", :minimalist=>"minimalista", :modern=>"moderno", :rustic=>"rustico", :scandinavian=>"scandinavo", :tropical=>"tropicale"} di homify,

Spending time in the sun is healthy, especially in the morning! Create a space where you can enjoy the Vitamin D every day like a shaded area on the front porch, preferably a spot facing the sunrise so it's a good place to sit in the A.M.

7. Party-ready garden landscape

Case in stile  di homify, Classico

For those who are blessed with a large courtyard, setting up a couple of tables and chairs is a good idea. This way, you’re ready for parties and barbecues! There’s no need to construct a roof for shade – a few picnic umbrellas or tents will do.

8. American-style

A home inspired by the American Dream? It almost looks like a picture from a postcard with its charming wooden façade and a front porch where one can sit and crack open a cold beer after work.

9. Outdoor kitchen

Case in stile  di homify, Moderno

This eclectic abode features an outdoor dining area with a small cooking kitchen. The alternate al fresco kitchen is becoming an increasingly popular design for modern homes.

10. Pleasant open-air grounds

Making the entire first floor of the residence open is a bold design, but one that pays off for people who truly enjoy time outside. The fresh air flows freely throughout and the whole house feels ultra-relaxed as a result.

11. Luxury deck with fireplace

Who doesn’t enjoy a good fireplace on balmy nights? This outdoor fireplace lets you enjoy the best of both worlds: the crisp air and the toasty warmth of the fire.

12. Relaxing garden

Set up lounge chairs outside to bask in the sunlight in the morning. Several different plants and bushes creates a pleasant atmosphere for hanging out, whether alone or with a friend or two.

13. Resort-style al fresco dining

For certain homes – especially those with limited space inside – it’s worth considering moving the dining area outside. Not only does it look lovely, but it can also make meals a more pleasant experience.

14. Multi-layered courtyard

Multiple layers create the perception of space – and offers a nice view of the different parts of the house depending on where you are. In the featured home above, three layers offer three separate outdoor areas: the balcony, the deck and the lawn.

15. Chic sitting area

Case in stile  di homify, Mediterraneo Laterizio

Casa “A e D”: i loggiati sul giardino


A beautiful outdoor space is as essential to a dream home as a living area or a kitchen. Get more ideas on how to design a balcony: 6 beautiful houses with balconies.

House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l., Rurale

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