​11 storage ideas you've probably never thought of

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​11 storage ideas you've probably never thought of

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Cucina moderna di homify Moderno
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Space seems to be on the endangered species list these days, with houses seemingly becoming smaller and smaller. But hold on: since when was small housing a problem?

You see, it’s only an issue once you resort to a cluttered lifestyle, and that is one thing that we here on homify will never stand for!

Thus, let’s discover 11 creative ways in which you can conjure up a bit more storage space in your home, whether it’s in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

1. A hanging rod can make a huge difference, especially when hidden behind a cupboard door.

2. We’re all in for these modular plate racks whenever a kitchen cabinet becomes cluttered.

 in stile industriale di The Plate Rack, Industrial
The Plate Rack

Mini Plate Rack

The Plate Rack

3. Recessed shelving not only conjure up more storage space, they look super stylish!

4. Wall niches for a range of bathroom goodies? Why ever not?

Bagno in stile classico di homify Classico

5. What else are you using that space above your TV for?

Soggiorno classico di homify Classico

6. Open shelving is a fantastic way for both storage and separating two open-plan rooms.

Cucina moderna di homify Moderno

7. That empty air above your kitchen island is just waiting for your pots and pans.

8. Under-bed drawers are ideal for your stylish shoe collection, among other things.

9. A built-in bench provides both storage and seating – how perfect!

10. Ever tried turning your shower corner into a shelving unit?

Bagno in stile industriale di homify Industrial Cemento

11. If all else fails, simply add another floating shelf near your ceiling space.

Bathroom Bagno moderno di Studio Duggan Moderno

For more tips, have a look at these 7 storage solutions direct from South African homes.

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