8 rustic bathrooms we relish

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8 rustic bathrooms we relish

Leigh Leigh
Bagno in stile  di A1 Lofts and Extensions
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A good design mostly consists of a good mix of styles in a house!

Today, we invite you to browse through rustic bathrooms that can fit into any modern or classic environment. If you like originality, you'll be very interested in these beautiful spaces, designed by some of homify's top professionals

After reading this article and relishing in 8 rustic bathrooms, you'll be inspired to add a little rustic touch to your own bathroom whether in the form of stone, wood or furniture!

Shall we take a look?

1. A rustic door can change the whole design of a bathroom

A beautiful rustic door can change the style of your bathroom, as we can see in this design. Look at how this simple element gives a lot of originality to the bathroom.

2. Natural wood fits into a modern bathroom to give it a rustic look

Why not insert natural wood in your bathroom?

With natural elements, you will create a hyper rustic design in your modern room. Look at this picture! What a beautiful bathroom!

Have a look at these tips for integrating wooden elements into your home.

3. Rustic furniture can impose its style on a bathroom

Add a rustic dresser or cabinet to your bathroom, creating a unique and original design. 

In this example, we can see how rustic furniture also creates a romantic ambiance, suiting the room perfectly.

4. Natural stone on the walls modifies the design

In country houses, we often find that rustic bathrooms take advantage of the design of stone walls. But you can create this look and feel in your bathroom by adding stone to the walls, without needing a country-style house! This natural material works wonders.

5. Classic accessories create a rustic environment

There are many classic accessories that you can insert into your bathroom such as gorgeous baskets or stools made with woven wood. These elements will harmonize well with the rest of the room too!

6. With original or classic tiles, you can give your bathroom a rustic look

RISTRUTTURAZIONE EDIFICIO RURALE: Bagno in stile  di zanella architettura
zanella architettura


zanella architettura

The tiles that you use to dress up your bathroom can change the whole look and feel. In this example, the green olive tiles contrast beautifully with the rest of the room, which utilizes natural wood.

7. A rustic tub in a modern bathroom

What else do you need?

8. Wood throughout gives it a rustic touch

Chalet: Bagno in stile  di RI-NOVO



In this kind of design, rustic style flows from every angle. The walls and floors are made with natural wood, while the finishes are very contemporary.

Also have a look at these brilliant, beautiful bathroom trends for inspiration.

House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l.

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