This dingy London home was utterly transformed for £70k

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This dingy London home was utterly transformed for £70k

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Case in stile  di Tom Kaneko Design & Architecture, Moderno
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When was the last time you looked at your yard (either the front or the back) and thought to yourself: “wow, this is just perfect”? Well, if you’re not 100% satisfied with how your house’s exterior spaces have turned out, stay tuned for today’s ‘before and after’ piece, which focuses on a backyard layout that underwent a most superb transformation.

The professionals in charge of this makeover? London-based firm Tom Kaneko Design & Architecture, who took £70,000 from the owner, Jemima, and introduced not only a new look but also a fabulous new function to the rear side of a double-storey house that looked… well, let’s just say that the ‘after’ look is much more noteworthy than the ‘before’…

Before: A deserted look

This is the jumping-off point that the experts were presented with – a back yard space that provided some potential in terms of space, yet none when it came to style. 

The client of this specific house requested a place for entertaining and socialising, and knew all too well that she couldn’t subject her guests to this very gloomy area.

What to do, what to do?

After: An outdoor beauty

Yes, this is indeed the very same space, albeit after some hard work and commitment to functionality had been spent. 

And did you notice that it’s not only the garden that got a striking new look? An entire new volume was added to the house as well, making the interior space bigger than it was before.

As for the exterior façade, a lightly toned timber panelled look was opted for, beautifully mimicking the new garden fence and contrasting quite strikingly with the existing house’s brick look.

After: And on the inside…

But what does this new extension bring to the house in terms of function? Why, a little kitchen and dining room area, sharing an open-plan layout! 

Light neutrals of concrete, brick, and wood stepped in for the building materials, and a sublime skylight was also added to ensure a decadent dose of natural lighting.

A most sublime spot to wine and dine a few guests, don’t you agree?

After: A light-filled space

Thanks to the generous glass sliding doors, buckets of sunshine seep into this new extension, going a long way in lighting it up to enhance that charming ambience. 

In terms of furniture and décor, copper chairs add a touch of industrial to the space, while that slim and simple dining table, as well as the wooden-panelled walls, brings some modern Scandinavian beauty into the mix. 

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After: The cosy little corner

And look: there’s even a quaint little reading corner in the back, where one can get comfy on plush pillows and spend some “me” time. 

With a mix and match of different textures, patterns, colours, and styles, this space is most delightful and welcoming, creating a very authentic and lived-in feel for this home.

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