Outdoor kitchens you can build on a very small budget

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Outdoor kitchens you can build on a very small budget

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Eating good food – it's something we can all relate to but being a good cook, on the other hand, is another thing. What happens behind those kitchen doors is sometimes a bliss, but appreciation for food can also come from seeing how it was prepared. For those of you who have passion for cooking, then I'm sure the kitchen is a very special place for you. Now here's a good idea, why not entertain and enjoy the company of family and friends while doing the thing you love most? Have the kitchen take the spotlight by bringing it to the place where people gather, like the patio or the poolside. Having an outdoor kitchen is also good for a number of reasons, to name a few, the smoke from your cooking doesn't fill inside the house, also, the cook would really appreciate having a nice view of the outdoors/garden. So, here are a few outdoor kitchen design inspirations that could get you to consider having one. 

1. Kitchen by the garden

Wouldn't it be nice to have a kitchen that overlooks the garden? Imagine having a small herb garden where you could go barefoot and grab those spices and fruits fresh from your own backyard and straight to your cooking pan. There's that organic feel that lets you get you closer to nature. 

2. Semi-outdoor kitchen

Get the best of both worlds by having a main kitchen that extends to a semi-outdoor area. This way you'll be able to keep most of the appliances indoors, without the trouble of getting them weather-beaten. Then the outdoor part of the kitchen would be perfect as a food prep area as well as the grill. Such a convenient setup that is both beautiful and functional.

3. Loft Style Kitchen

This refreshingly sleek and elegant kitchen has a large window and door opening that draws more of the outdoors in, making the space feel light and airy. The wood textures on the cabinets also match the textures of the great outdoors. The countertop and the backsplash also have that natural stone appeal. A wonderful rustic and modern take for this loft-style kitchen. Imagine having the view of the seaside while you cook! Wouldn't that be just magical?

4. Patio kitchen

Having a mini kitchen along a wonderful breakfast nook is the perfect spot to start the day. Cooking up those sunny-side-ups while you listen to the chirping of the birds and feeling the morning breeze.  

5. Poolside kitchen

The poolside is where most people would like to hang out so why not have an outdoor kitchen nearby? Add to that, since swimming is both fun and good exercise, then parents could easily watch over their kids and give them refreshments and snacks after a refreshing swim. 

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