Quaint cottage retreat with surrounding coast and country

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Quaint cottage retreat with surrounding coast and country

James Rippon James Rippon
Our holiday cottage project di Rooms with a View Rurale
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Hollyhock Cottage is a charismatic 150 year old holiday retreat in Norfolk, which epitomises everything about a relaxing country getaway. When we escape the city it's all about getting back to nature, and taking the time to wind down. A cottage as alluring and charming as this might be all you need to hit the reset button, and forget for just a second about all the little worries in life, whilst spend time with your loved one. A project of interior designers Rooms With a View, inspiration for the completely renovated holiday letting was drawn from the surrounding coast and country. Take a moment to experience this historic cottage that now boasts an understated elegance unlike any other.

Hollyhock Cottage, Norfolk

Exterior of cottage di Rooms with a View Rurale
Rooms with a View

Exterior of cottage

Rooms with a View

The exterior of the rural retreat for two is simple yet refined, and boasts a surrounding garden that is perfect for breakfast, morning tea or coffee, or time to simply do nothing other than bask in the warm summer sun.

Rural charm

Hollyhock cottage lounge di Rooms with a View Rurale
Rooms with a View

Hollyhock cottage lounge

Rooms with a View

Inside, the holiday home exudes country charm and style, with a colour palette and furnishings that perfectly set the mood for a relaxing time away. Nothing bold, with muted tones of pastel blue and green paired with off whites, greys, creams and the undeniable warmth of glowing timber. A wood burner and low ceilings further enhance the mood, and are a strong reminder you are worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Country style kitchen

Hollyhock Cottage kitchen di Rooms with a View Rurale
Rooms with a View

Hollyhock Cottage kitchen

Rooms with a View

Country style kitchens have a certain appeal and allurement all of their own, and have proven popular in country and city homes alike. Exposed shelves and many small decorative elements make the holiday letting feel homely and lived in; exactly the opposite to a minimal and bright white modern home.

Sleep easy

Hollyhock Cottage Bedroom di Rooms with a View Rurale
Rooms with a View

Hollyhock Cottage Bedroom

Rooms with a View

A vintage French bed dominates the antique style bedroom that is the ideal place to rest your head after a relaxing day exploring the villages and coastline of North Norfolk. Along with colour, textures and materials play a large role in the ambience created by a country style home, and this home is no exception. Soft and cosy linens fit the scene perfectly, in a room that is a delicate mix of creams and tones of beige.

Modern meets country

Cottage bathroom di Rooms with a View Rurale
Rooms with a View

Cottage bathroom

Rooms with a View

Quaint rural charm meets ultra-modern luxurious fittings in the bathroom, which showcases the possibility of two opposing interior design styles working together in perfect harmony. Catching our eye is the freestanding bath and new shower addition, which uses subway tiles to great effect. Hinting at the probability that the bathroom is a conversion is the open fire place, only further enhancing an irrefutable feeling of relaxation.

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