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This lovely, modern property is located in Japan and presents a beautiful, spacious and soothing family home, combining elements of classic, Japanese architecture with more modern touches. Built upon a generous 240m² block, the home presents an enviable facade, with its multiple levels surrounded by high walls and a charming garden.

Upon entry, Mukoyama Architects have designed an open and expansive interior, with lofty, white walls and ceilings combining for a spacious feel, and the use of wood providing contrast throughout the decor. While modern design predominates within the property, the architects have kept the bedrooms cosy and traditional, with fabric flooring and paper screens defining the aesthetic. Surrounding the home is a charming garden, with a private courtyard built to accommodate moments of quiet contemplation amidst the sunshine and fresh air. 

Truly this home is a delight to witness, with its soothing, spacious atmosphere primed for family living. Take a tour below and see what you think!

A lovely modern facade

The facade of the home combines the crisp lines of classic, Japanese architecture with a more understated, modern air, as its lofty levels and high walls face out onto the street. Constructed on a hillside, the home must have been difficult to built, with dual garage doors included beneath its high, concrete fence, providing space for parking beneath the home's lovely, plant-filled courtyard.

On first impression this abode appears relaxing and perfect for family life, with plenty of space, ample illumination through a generous array of windows and a gorgeous garden popping out over the fence.

Chic, private entrance

The entrance to the home is paved in grey, with the deep tones of the tiles guiding occupants and visitors to the front door amidst the rough texture of the rendered walls. Bursts of vibrant green also line this area, soothing the space with hints of nature as the classic finish of a sturdy, wooden front door beckons entrance.

Cradled in greenery

One of the most beautiful characteristics of this lovely abode is that it is nestled in a bed of thriving greenery. The garden takes on a life of its own, with its bushes and trees bursting forth from their beds, adding a wild sense of privacy to the facade. 

The external walls of the home appear sleek and soothing in glass and wood, with their crisp lines and smooth finishes contrasting beautifully against the path of worn stone lining this side of the house.

Open and expansive interior

Upon entrance we are greeted by an open and expansive interior, with the living and kitchen spaces within the home combining to create a spacious atmosphere. White walls stream upwards, crested by flowing, wooden slats which reflect the smooth lines of the timber flooring. 

The kitchen is contemporary and sophisticated, presenting a compact space in which to whip up a culinary storm, while the prevailing decor of wood and white throughout the interior lends a classic edge to the design.

Lofty and spacious living

This view of the home's interior gives a true sense of its spaciousness, with its high ceiling and white walls creating a lofty and airy atmosphere, filled with light streaming in from outside. 

The strong lines of the wooden slats across the ceiling present a bold design feature, while stairwells to the left and right of the kitchen demonstrate the true expanse of this beautiful home.

Serene courtyard

In true Japanese style this home includes a simple, serene courtyard in which the occupants can pass their time in quiet reflection. Beautifully constructed of stained timber, this space provides a delightful view of the  surrounding neighbourhood. Two wooden benches, one streamlined, the other gnarled and rustic, rest central within the courtyard, adding a sense of balance to the space alongside the maturing tree in the background. 

Classic Japanese bedroom

The bedrooms within the home evoke classic, Japanese design, with simple and expansive spaces sealed by traditional, paper screens. The floor has been lined in soft, cushioned textile, with its cooling green providing the only source of colour within the room, and an array of storage has been included in a series of simple cupboards, dressed in white to tie in with the remainder of the room's decor.

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