10 best flowers to grow in your garden

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10 best flowers to grow in your garden

Stephanie Kirsten Stephanie Kirsten
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For those who like gardening, listen up! 

This Ideabook will present you ten beautiful plants to choose from for your garden. Each species has its own set of characteristics, especially in terms of care and attention needed. You may choose a variety of plants. In order to know which plants will fit best according to your need (a.k.a. your patience in maintaining plants), it is important to consult an expert gardener.

Ornamental Flowering

For anyone who has a big garden, choose ornamental flowers to fill in the gaps between bigger plants. The blooms are revitalizing to look at, and they're low maintenance too!


Even Hydrangea is a a popular species of orchids. It is a flowering plant that is often used to beautify flower arrangements. Best part about having one in your garden: you don't have to buy them in flower shops anymore. Just pick them right off!

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It is one of the most popular species of flowers in the world. Although roses are delicate as a species, some kinds have been developed to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. That just means more roses for us, Filipinos!

Moss and Fern

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Both moss and fern are plants that need constant moisture/humidity in their environment to thrive. Obviously, this isn't a problem for moss/fern wannabe owners. The Philippine climate's got your back on this one.

Another reason why you really should consider having these plants on your garden is they actually help you maintain moisture for your other plants as well. Say what? They're low maintenance AND they sort of take care of some of your plants for you.

Fragrant Species

Who wouldn't want to have their abode smell like fresh flowers/herbs every single day? With fragrant plants such as rosemary and other herbs, not only will your place smell A M A Z I N G, you can also save some for cooking your dinner.

Who would ever not want fresh lavender on their home? People are going crazy over artificial scents that smell like lavender. Having an actual one in your backyard? Oh man, you just made yourself the talk of the town.

Shrub as fence

Nuovo giardino con piscina in collina : Giardino in stile  di Studio Green Design, Moderno
Studio Green Design

Nuovo giardino con piscina in collina

Studio Green Design

I'm all for functionality, and using shrub not only as an ornamental plant but also as a fence legitimately tickles my fancy. Of course, you need to choose a variant that is high and strong for a two-fold purpose: obscure your home from the outsider's sight and protect you from intruders. They do not need much to live too, so that's perfect for those who are always on the go.

Biennial Flowers

Giardino in stile  di Arthur Road Landscapes, Moderno
Arthur Road Landscapes

Surrey contemporary country garden

Arthur Road Landscapes

Flowers are the most popular ornamental plant. Yes, I know, some species need delicate care. Maybe you just need the right type of flower that will suit your preference. In this case, biennial flowers are pretty cool. When the flowers begin to wilt, it's just the beginning of new life. The wilted flowers still have seeds that grow eventually.

Species of biennial flowers: sunflowers, marigolds, chrysanthemums


Depending on the species, grass is the most versatile plants for any garden, big or small. This species gives you the illusion of space. Plus, it makes the whole place feel closer to nature.

Orange Tree

Quite unusual as a garden plant in the Philippines but orange trees can be planted in pots or to the ground. Perfect for those who want variety in their garden.

Fruit-bearing trees

Lastly, let's talk about fruit-bearing trees. They are basically the BEST for the following reasons: 

1. Fruits – Just imagine craving for mangoes in the middle of the night and there's literally a bunch of them waiting for you to get picked. THE dream, ladies and gentlemen.

2. Shade – Not the kind of shade you throw to your enemies, but actual shade to protect you from the sun's rays. 

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