How to prepare your garden for summer

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How to prepare your garden for summer

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Giardino in stile  di Zodiac Design , Moderno
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Now that the sun has started to make an appearance, we bet you've already been thinking about how you can invest a little time into getting your garden ready for summer – and quite rightly so! 

Ask any landscape architect and they'll tell you that now is the time to be prepping your space for some serious enjoyment in the hotter weather, but if you don't know where to start or perhaps don't consider yourself to be much of a gardener, fear not, as we have a comprehensive guide for you today. 

Shall we begin?

1. Feed your lawn regularly.

If you've let your lawn get a little patchy, burnt or out of control, it's time to rectify that now. Commit to a programme of regular feeding and watering and watch it just come back to life!

2. Deal with moss.

If you notice that you have moss patches in your lawn, spray them with moss killer, then remove the dead weeds and sow new grass seed. This will help your lawn grow more evenly, into a think outdoor carpet that is a treat for your feet.

3. Edge the lawn.

A tatty lawn will never look great, so how about adding some simple edging? Pebbles or flowerbeds are a really unfussy and hassle-free way to edge a lawn and keep it looking crisp.

4. Add colour to your patio.

Giardino in stile  di Yorkshire Gardens, Rustico
Yorkshire Gardens

Contemporary Cottage Garden

Yorkshire Gardens

If you don;t have a lawn, but do have a patio, it's time to plant some seeds to ensure bright, colourful blooms, in pots, for summer. You can add some bright flowers to your beds as well, to really amplify the effect.

5. Clean your slabs.

Giardino in stile  di wood-fired oven, Moderno
wood-fired oven

wooden louvres and fire magic bbq

wood-fired oven

Speaking of patios, you need to grab a pressure washer and give your paving slabs a really through clean. Over the colder months, mildew and slime can build up, which makes your patio look tatty, so freshen it back up!

6. Revive your wood.

Giardino in stile  di Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design, Moderno Cemento
Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design

Bespoke Western Red Cedar hairpin leg table and built in floating bench

Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design

Just like paving slabs, wood can be severely affected by cold weather conditions. To make your garden look great and actually be ready to use, you need to pressure wash and scrub your wooden furniture and we'd even recommend going the extra mile and giving it a fresh coat of stain or paint.

7. Plan ahead with creepers.

Giardino in stile  di Tyler Mandic Ltd, Moderno
Tyler Mandic Ltd

Reflected Glory – Holland Park Renovation

Tyler Mandic Ltd

If you have any unsightly walls or fences that you know you can't change anytime soon, plan ahead by planting some climbers! Come summer, that part of your garden that you never like the look of could be totally shrouded in gorgeous greenery!

8. Get some solar lights in position.

Giardino in stile  di Earth Designs, Moderno
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

Solar lights make so much sense in summer, as they get a really long and full charge every day, so it's worth positioning a few in your garden now. As you sit and enjoy a summer's evening, they will flicker on and prolong your outdoor time, while also looking great.

9. Choose some fun decorations.

Giardino in stile  di PomPom Galore, Eclettico
PomPom Galore

Pom Pom Garlands in the Garden

PomPom Galore

Embrace the fun of summer by choosing some cute garden decorations now! We always really like garlands in trees, pretty bird feeders and even a few fairy lights and if you get them now, you won't be in a rush ahead of a summer get together!

10. Don't forget the gazebo.

As the final finishing touch for your garden, you simply have to consider a gazebo! A great way to ensure a shady spot in your garden, come the hot summer months, it will also add a huge amount of style and sophistication. Get it built now and you can just enjoy it in a few months!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 16 British flowerbeds that would get the neighbours talking.

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