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9 photos of houses we are loving right now!

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If you’re looking for the perfect, dreamy home but do not know where to start, this ideabook is totally for you! We present you 11 fresh and new draft houses to choose from. See a variety of options from single houses, twin houses to beautiful houses in nature.

​1. Modern single detached house under a flat roof

The roof of the house is a popular type suited for a modern home. Going inside, the interior design looks cool and airy with mirrors around the house. It also allows light to shine through the room thoroughly. Always feel like you’re in a staycation!

​2. Detached house with fence, chic design

Now this is a single house model with a stylish fence, highlighting a modern design. Your new home should go well with the needs of the new generation. This home is focused on a seemingly simple structure, but with addition of the fence in strip style makes it more beautiful. It can be viewed from the inside out. Looking from the outside, this house proves to be classy at the same time, suits the whole family and all their needs.

3. Contemporary style twin house

This is an example of a contemporary style twin house. It is a fusion of traditional architecture and modern design with the use of natural materials. The intention is to have a different and new form which combines two architectural styles perfectly.

4. Modern style house

This house in the form of a box is a unique one which stands out from all regular type houses. There is a lot of available variety and flexibility to explore when it comes to modern design. The possibilities are limitless! The style of the new generation will always be evolving with new coming discoveries.  There will always be a need for innovation, in everything. All it takes is just a spark of creativity and will!

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5. Beautiful house with a beautiful Manila roof.

Let’s look at the beauty of this house. Modern, simple and beautiful architecture capped with a modish Manila roof. This roof is a variation among a combination of hipped roofs. Also, the gable roof is popular with contemporary style home, just like the house you see here. Notice the relaxing atmosphere given by the neutral and light white and beige tones. Adding grass to the pathways adds up refreshing vibes.

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​6. Detached house in black and white hues

In addition to the white trim and black, the needles of the door frames and windows of this house are beautiful in modern style. The house is also characterized by a shiny roof. Add different levels in the design for your home for spontaneity!

7. Luxurious single house with wide swimming pool.

If you’re planning for a single house in a large area, this is a great idea. Another facility that you can add, considering a lot of available space, is the swimming pool. You can make your home have it all, so you don’t have to go to expensive hotels and resort to have full relaxation. Rest without leaving the comfort of your own house!

8. Modern detached house with a cool design

Cool is the closest word to describe this house model. Not only this home is furnished with a beautiful design, but the strength of the materials used is also topnotch, especially with the marble and rock tiles.

9. Beautiful house for sale.

This house mixes the good element of wood and creamy tone of the color white. This model is for those who want a sophisticated house. The form and shape of the house is quite unique and irregular. Get this idea to have a stylish yet homey house!

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