Which type of fence suits my garden?

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Which type of fence suits my garden?

Alissa Ugolini – homify UK Alissa Ugolini – homify UK
Giardino in stile  di Edelstahl Atelier Crouse - individuelle Gartentore
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A private garden is a little piece of freedom and can help to improve the quality of life for many of us; acting as a escape from our every day routines. Bask in the sun, relax with friends, celebrate and entertain with barbecues and dinner parties or simply play with your kids and enjoy life in the open air. These are just a few of the endless list of garden benefits. The most common use of a garden fence is to avoid the prying eyes of neighbours and passersby. It is therefore, essential to cordon off our private oasis from the outside world. Garden fences, walls and hedges not only serve as land boundary, but also act as a very important barrier of privacy.

We have selected 8 of the best for our list of experts. Take a look…

Planted Fence

A classic type of fencing which acts as both greenery and privacy, is the screen provided by a planted fence. It has the advantage of not looking overwhelming and actually makes the plot appear larger. The downside of a fence made from shrubs is that the level of privacy is often at the mercy of the seasons. However, most fences offer no real privacy and can also come across as quickly relatively boring and rigid. The solution: double up. Use a steel fence that still has the capacity to create boundaries and plant from the inside. Win-win.

Good Wood

Giardino in stile  di Earth Designs
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

Wooden fences are still amongst the most popular types of fencing. It is no  wonder because there are numerous variations available on the market. Whether it is the classic picket fence or a wooden wall as a screen, it is left up to the home owners discretion entirely. Either way, wooden fences always seem warm and natural and can be personalised and adapted to the style of the garden.


Giardino in stile  di homify

A fence made from stacked rocks, or technically known as gabions is an increasingly popular element in garden design today. It is a structure filled with stones in wire baskets or racks. Those who opt for this design, can either fill in the backbone of the wire themselves or order a truck to complete the filling. You can place your favourite stones inside, and even make colourful or artistic scene if you prefer. The most functional element of this fence is that the wire and stone combination is extremely difficult to pass through for most reptiles, small mammals, insects and birds.

Plastic Fantastic

White picket fences will always remain a popular choice for home owners. However, as most of you know, white painted wood needs a lot of upkeep over the years. A great alternative is a plastic fence that is actually available in many different colours and shapes. Made from PVC, these fences require hardly maintenance, are easy to set up, do not rust and are not susceptible to weathering. So, you will have a well maintained and beautiful fence for many years.

A Wall Of Green

Nuovo giardino con piscina in collina : Giardino in stile  di Studio Green Design
Studio Green Design

Nuovo giardino con piscina in collina

Studio Green Design

Many gardeners opt for natural fencing because green hedges are for many of us, the more visually appealing alternative to stone and concrete walls or fences. Requiring a little monthly trimming and cutting, you will be rewarded with a fence that literally breathes life into your garden.

A Steely Gaze

A modern way to fence the garden is with brushed stainless steel. Not only is it weather resistant and has an extremely long life shelf life, but it also bring a modern touch and can be easily customised – as you can see here with laser cut detailing. The possibilities are endless…  

Rock Hard

The thought of a wall around the garden can, first of all, seem a little daunting. Perhaps we envisage ourselves hemmed in by a wall of grey, but you should always stay open to new possibilities as walls can be a fantastic feature for many gardens. Stratified, unprocessed natural stones, for example, can bring a natural and cohesive look to any garden. And as for the height, that decision is completely yours.

A Pop Of Colour

Are the times of black, brown and grey fences over for you? With so many unimaginative designs out there today, it’s sometimes hard to break through the monotony, but look hard enough and you might be surprised. 

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