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More privacy in your garden: 17 wonderful ideas

Sandy Mauthner Sandy Mauthner
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Whether you enjoy a sunny afternoon in your garden playing with your children or organizing a barbecue with friends, or taking a short break on the terrace while reading a newspaper you certainly want to have your privacy and not to have each and every neighbor privy to your personal space.

In order to create a personal feel-good atmosphere in your garden, there are many choices and possibilities. We have brought you 17 stylish ideas from architects and landscape gardeners, that not only offer you more privacy, but at the same time make your garden cozy and beautiful!

1. Adding plants to your fence

As soon as you have integrated a suitable fence or a wall in the garden, you only need a few plants to make it look more appealing and to hide the fence. In this way you create a cozy atmosphere.

3. Combining different materials

Our next example shows a wonderful visual protection which is also very modern. This design combines a bamboo fence with a modern lattice construction, which is filled with many stones. Perfectly arranged for this purpose are the green plants used to increase the visibility in addition.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most popular materials for a stable and long lasting visibility barrier in the garden. Naturally there are many types of bamboo material you can choose from. In order to integrate a visual protection as seen in this example, the Ecuadorian bamboo is particularly suitable as it can reach a height of 6 meters. Now that is an attractive visibility barrier!

4. Cheaper way to increase better invisibility

If you are looking for a cheap way to build your own fence or a wall to give you more privacy, ordering demolition wood is a good idea. On the Internet you can find many different varieties such as oak, poplar or larch.

5. More comfort feeling for your terrace

And here we see another example of a wonderful visibility barrier which is made of bamboo. Even small areas like this terrace can be transformed into a comfortable private oasis where you can relax undisturbed.

6. Simply using a new color

Narbonne Avenue Clapham Giardino minimalista di Bolans Architects Minimalista
Bolans Architects

Narbonne Avenue Clapham

Bolans Architects

For anyone who already owns a classic wooden fence, but you want to make it stand out and to look more defined, a new paint is the perfect solution. Whether a noble white like we have here or an intense warmer tone, in the end the effect will surprise you.

7. Small wooden boards

Canopy Lane Giardino minimalista di Aralia Minimalista Ferro / Acciaio

Canopy Lane


Another simple solution for those who are looking for a quick way to improve their own garden cost-effectively, you can find wooden boards for a small budget in many hardware stores. They do their job of giving you privacy and they look presentable.

8. Decorating the wall with plants

Small, low maintenance garden Giardino minimalista di Yorkshire Gardens Minimalista PVC
Yorkshire Gardens

Small, low maintenance garden

Yorkshire Gardens

In order to beautify a garden wall, it is actually not very difficult. All you need is some flower beds with nice plants and this not only decorates the wall, but also makes the whole garden more interesting.

9. Garden furniture made of wood

Ayrshire outdoor living Giardino moderno di Lithic Fire Moderno Arenaria
Lithic Fire

Ayrshire outdoor living

Lithic Fire

A fence or a wall made of wood is particularly appealing when combined with furniture from the same material. Whether a large seating area for the barbecue or as in our example, a cozy lounge corner, where you can sip cocktails and enjoy the balmy summer evening.

10. Small fence

Climbing Frame for Smaller Garden Giardino minimalista di Selwood Products Ltd Minimalista
Selwood Products Ltd

Climbing Frame for Smaller Garden

Selwood Products Ltd

A fence can not only serve as a visual protection, but it can also distinguish different areas from one another.

11. A unique look

Ed's Shed Giardino minimalista di Ed Reeve Minimalista
Ed Reeve

Ed's Shed

Ed Reeve

Why only create a wall or a fence made of wood when you can transform the whole area in the garden into a cozy oasis? In our example, a suitable floor and a small seating corner have been added to the wood fence. And we get a quiet place to enjoy the warm days of the year. 

12. Grid fence

Country Family Garden With Oriental Water Garden Giardino rurale di Cherry Mills Garden Design Rurale
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Country Family Garden With Oriental Water Garden

Cherry Mills Garden Design

Grid fences are perfect to separate certain areas or to give more structure to the garden. They are available in numerous shapes and designs and they leave a certain romantic vintage effect. 

13. Playing with materials

Quercus Raised Beds -Extra Space in a small garden Giardino rurale di Quercus UK Ltd Rurale
Quercus UK Ltd

Quercus Raised Beds -Extra Space in a small garden

Quercus UK Ltd

Our next fence may look like it is made of wood but it is made of metal. This version is particularly suitable for all those who are interested in the natural look of wood while at the same time looking for a robust material.

14. Simple and lovely

Traditional Garden Giardino rurale di Unique Landscapes Rurale
Unique Landscapes

Traditional Garden

Unique Landscapes

How charming is this? Especially in rural areas traditional wooden fences have their own individual character. Especially if you want to set up a small, secluded spot, they create a lovely border and are perfect for decorating with wonderful plants.

15. Classical charm

Bossington House, Adisham Kent Giardino rurale di Lee Evans Partnership Rurale
Lee Evans Partnership

Bossington House, Adisham Kent

Lee Evans Partnership

This white painted fence is made of natural wood and has a truly classical charming touch. At the same time, it ensures certain amount of safety in the garden since it is just high enough to keep foreign animals or visitors from walking into their garden.

16. Combining things well together

To make your garden more presentable there are numerous materials available which you can combine wonderfully with each other. Here we see a wall of stone as well as a lattice of wood, which serves as a visual protection panel. Perfectly matched is the noble marble floor and the comfortable seating corner, also made of wood. The Landscape Architects have combined everything so well together leaving a lasting impression of comfort.

17. More nature in the city

Living in the city we often wish for a little more nature in front of our own doorstep. In this example, the inhabitants have created a small oasis, which is equipped with a visual protection made of artificial green. Together with the noble wooden floor this design creates a charming ambiance where you feel almost like you are in the country.

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