6 L-shaped kitchens that will blow your mind!

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6 L-shaped kitchens that will blow your mind!

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Getting your kitchen design right is vital for a functional space that looks as good as it operates and if you are about to embark on a redesign of your own, we want you to seriously consider an L-shaped layout! Ask any kitchen planner and they'll tell you that an L-shaped space will give you maximum counter space and offer a sociable layout that can easily encompass a breakfast bar as well, which makes perfect sense for every home! If you're not completely convinced that the shape will work for you, take a look at these phenomenal examples and prepare to fall in love!

1. Industrial design.

Exposed ducting, block work walls and simple cabinets look amazing here and the L-shaped design really maintains an open and spacious feel as well. Just look at how there is one long and uncluttered area of counter space; how perfect is that for easy food preparation? 

2. Monochrome magnificence.

In an otherwise open-plan home, the L-shaped kitchen here really helps to define a functional space and it looks incredible. Sleek black cabinets look contemporary and bold and the dog-leg has created a wealth of fantastic storage potential as well, which is key in any kitchen.

3. So accessible.

The gorgeous thing about this kitchen, other than those stunning gray cabinets, is that with no dividing wall, the L-shaped counter maintains an open feel, but still adds plenty of extra counter space and storage. An integrated ceramic hob is the perfect accessory here and doesn't swallow up too much usable area either!

4. A traditional touch.

You don't need to go all out contemporary to be able to enjoy an L-shaped kitchen, as this beautifully traditional example shows. This layout is just so adaptable that we think the ornate cabinets here and sweeping counter looks absolutely right and look at all that fantastic floor space!

5. Color pops ahoy!

Cucina in stile  di Hehku

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When you want to add some piquant color to your kitchen, but without running the risk of it becoming too much of a 'theme', an L-shaped layout makes perfect sense. You can add some colorful shelves at one side and a slab of counter at the other and it will only ever look well thought out and never over the top.

6. Ultimate integration.

For a truly beautiful kitchen that makes great use of every available inch of space, an L-shaped installation is ideal. You can create a seamless contingent of cabinets that wrap around two walls and waste no space at all! Finish it in white and you'll have a really spacious, fresh-feeling room as well!

For even more kitchen ideas, take a look at this article: 15 kitchen projects to inspire you!

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