7 things you should not put at the entrance of your home

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7 things you should not put at the entrance of your home

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Ingresso & Corridoio in stile  di homify
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The entrance hall of the house is a very special place – not only is it one of the most visible areas, but also the place where people welcome and say goodbyes. In a more decorative aspect, there are some mistakes people often make that affect how this particular area looks. And, we're sure most people have committed sins, because, we have to admit, we have done it, too! So, how do we avoid making such decorating crimes? Read below:

1. Poor lighting

This factor can subtract points when it comes to evaluating the decor and functionality of your home. One thinks that the entrance hall is the first thing you see once inside the house, and the darkness or poor lighting will do you and guests no favor. Try to invest in lights that help keep this space more welcoming. You can have the ones that are embedded, appliques or spotlights.

2. Dark colors

The dark tones tend to shrink the space; so if you choose these for your input, surely this space will be reduced visually. It also happens that these colors make the place look straight up darker, and if you do not have the correct lighting, it may not feel comfortable or warm at all. Try to choose light neutral or earth tones, which illuminate the space and make it look bigger.

3. Large furniture

A big furniture is going to consume a really big space, especially when you have a small entrance. These take too much space and make things look messier. Try to choose few furniture, hopefully small and medium size. Think thoroughly of what you need.

Decorators recommend avoiding above all chairs, armchairs and entry tables that are too large or too heavy. If you have plants, try to leave only one or a pair. Keep this side of the house as light as possible.

4. Poor distribution

Before you dress the lobby, you must plan how you want it to look using ergonomic furniture, eliminating barriers and favoring minimalism. When you distribute furniture and accessories improperly, you miss out on spaces. This can not happen on this side of the house, we want it to be a smart occupying space!

5. Poor door

Ingresso & Corridoio in stile  di homify

The door is one of the key symbols of the house, especially at the entrance so you can not neglect it. If the whole house is perfect, but the door is damaged, like its paint is peeling off or shows the effects of moisture, it will not look good.

6. Shortage of useful furniture

Ingresso & Corridoio in stile  di Dyer-Smith Frey
Dyer-Smith Frey

Penthouse, Zurich

Dyer-Smith Frey

This is a little linked with having several large furniture. Nothing is worse than having a little useful furniture in a place of the house that requires multi-functionality. An entrance hall is usually not large and not a place to leave a furniture, that is unnecessary to that designated place or side of the home. To avoid this, leave only the essentials. Some hangers for hanging clothes, a space to leave shoes, for example, and a small entrance table if space allows.

It is not about filling the entrance with furniture, but having the ones that make your life simpler.

7. No to dried plants

It is not decorative at all to have some plants in bad condition, welcoming guests in the house. If you have plants and flowers in the entrance, take care and make sure that they are fresh and healthy. You do not do yourself any favor having broken furniture or shabby floors. Remember that these bring crisp and freshness to the entrance of the house.

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