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JPS Atelier - Arquitectura, Design e Engenharia Case moderne
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Designed by Portuguese architects JPS Atelier, JC House is a reflection of its surroundings. The innovative design mirrors the landscape around it but at the same time incorporates a fresh, modern structure into the terrain. This is nature meets glamour.

According to the architects, JC House is positioned in one of the highest points in Oerias, Portugal with a view over the Tejo river and the Atlantic ocean. JPS Atelier have explained that the house is indeed a reflection of the trapezoidal terrain, which as at the heart of the design concept. 

This is the type of house that would suit any hilly area in South Africa, especially one with fantastic views. It is a space that is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed, while soaking in the surrounds. 

Follow us on a tour through this beautiful home… it may be the one thing that you wish for this Christmas.

In all its glory

JC House is a sight to behold, firstly just because of its sheer size. It extends horizontally across a large property, with the size enhanced by the large, glass windows that too extend across the entire house.

JPS Atelier have said, The terrain characteristics and customer requirements originated two main staggered volumes, which bring a certain dynamic to the house and at the same time protects it from the north and northwest winds.

The architects have clearly utilised the views from the south facing house, where the large windows allow an opportunity to experience the views at any give moment, no matter whether it is night or day. Large balconies have also been designed to extend along the house for optimal space, allowing one to enjoy being outside, without compromising on the experience of the home itself.

The architects have explained that their aim was to take full advantage of the climate and geographic region, incorporating glazed areas and balconies. 


Looking onto JC House from a higher angle, the size of the property, the dimensions of the architectural structure and the use of outside space becomes more apparent.

Firstly, the property is larger than the average residential property but is on a piece of land that is not crowded with other homes and buildings. This allows the designers to build the house as high as desired. The surrounding areas and landscape also clearly allow for the house to be positioned at a higher level, giving it optimal views.

The staggered volumes create the height of the house, working off of each other by moving in different directions. This creates an eclectic look and feel, while retaining a very modern and edgy look for the house as a whole.

The gorgeous swimming pool, outside balconies and patio are also visible here, showing how every inch of the property has been thought out and utilised so that the views can be appreciated.

Natural light

The exterior view of JC House shows how beautifully the large glass windows complement its style, but as we move into the interior, it's clear to see how natural light enhances the interior too. 

The large glass windows and doors allow sunlight to filter into the home in abundance, creating a sunny and light interior. Natural light not only looks really great in a home, opening up corners and darker spaces, but it is healthier too. It warms up a home naturally, so that there is no need to resort to artificial heating sources that leave the air feeling dry. It's also better to have a home bathed in natural light than it is to sit under fluorescent or artificial lighting. 

Utilising natural light is also cheaper and more environmentally friendly. You spend less money and waste less electricity on lighting up a home or relying on artificial sources of heat when you have big, beautiful windows that let the light in.

Read these useful tips for how you can: Bathe Your Home In Natural Light.

Sleek and stylish

The living room at JC House is spacious, modern and sleek. It also faces the views, seen through the large glass windows and doors.

Space is the biggest, noticeable factor where the designers haven't felt the need to use every inch of floor space up with furniture and accessories. A simple grey sofa and television cabinet are used in this area, with a bookshelf on the far wall. The walls are plain white. This minimalist look accentuates the gorgeous wooden flooring and the large windows and doors. 

A floating staircase is positioned behind the living room, adding depth and volume to the room. The staircase is detailed and modern, encased by glass screens. This is the type of staircase to go for if you are building your dream home.

The living room can also become one with the exterior, if the glass doors are rolled back. The patio and swimming pool are just beyond the doors, which don't have to be enjoyed only while sitting outside. The views are incredibly prominent from this position as well so while there is a television, the chances are those on the sofa are looking past it.

Glistening white

The kitchen area in the JC House is the epitome of modern design. Sleek appliances are offset by stark white cabinets, cupboards and counter tops.

The minimalist style in the living room transcends into the kitchen area, which is devoid of any homely accessories or appliances. Instead the designers have gone for bare essentials, leaving the kitchen looking like a room out of the future. 

A sleek island or breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the rest of the house while maintaining the open plan design. This connects the kitchen to the rest of the home, making it more of a social space.

This area also looks out onto the views in front of the house, seen through the large glass doors. Cooking in this space is meant to be enjoyed and inspired by the beautiful surrounds of Oerias in Portugal. Imagine this type of kitchen in one of the beautiful cities in South Africa.

Bathing with a view

The sleek design of the kitchen is carried through to the bathroom, which is also enhanced by the view. However, silver is replaced with wood in the bathroom creating a much softer look and feel as it contrasts with the white.

A large window keeps this bathroom in the mix when it comes to the surrounds, giving anyone who enjoys soaking in bubbles the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime view from the tub.

Minimalist is also key here, with no accessories or elaborate decorations in the bathroom. Size is of no object though, allowing the architects to create his and hers basins and a smart storage space below the basins for personal items. 

The floor is also a beautiful wood, not often seen in bathrooms. However here it works wonderfully, warming up bathroom and working with the natural light that flows in through the windows.

Dream views!

A glimpse into a bedroom in JC House shows that the designers have stayed away from excessive use of furniture and accessories throughout the house. This bedroom is meant to be simple, luxurious and comfortable with a cushy bed and a comfortable pillow. 

The main hero of the bedroom is the spacious balcony that spills out of the bedroom, opening it up to the incredible views ahead. Blue skies and green oceans are seen from this position, enhanced by blue and green decor and design elements in the bedroom.

Throughout the house and including in this bedroom, you'll notice that the windows and doors are bare with no curtains or elaborate designs. The windows in this bedroom just have beautiful blinds that roll down, keeping the light out if need be. 

Simple and minimalist doesn't mean boring and dull in terms of architecture, especially in the 21st century. JC House shows how incredibly modern and sleek a simple and minimalist house can be. And if you're lucky enough to live in a place with a view, you've got to do everything you can to enhance it from your house.

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