9 wooden houses that are cheap to build for the Philippines

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9 wooden houses that are cheap to build for the Philippines

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Case in stile rustico di WoodMade Rustico
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Do you dream of having your own cabin that you can come home to every weekend? If you think that your bank account makes that impossible, we will show you 9 reasons why it's possible. Here are some ideas for cheap wooden houses you can build!

1. Small and simple

This house is ideal for a young couple or a small family. The rustic design gives you a feeling that you are in a long and easy vacation in the province.

2. Spectacular view

When you have a view like this, you have to have a terrace to enjoy your surroundings. The light color of the wood makes this house look like a bahay-kubo with nature as your amazing backdrop.

3. Spacious and beautiful

This house is perfect for a big family or if you need extra rooms for guests. The landscape architecture of this house was on point when the trees creatively covered parts of the house that allowed for relaxing shades.

4. On a hill

If you want to retreat and get away from all the noise in the city, this house is for you. It's quiet, comfy, and calm.

5. In the woods

Having a small wooden home in the middle of the forest is like living in a fantasy fairytale. And the tall narrow windows give it a modern feel. 

6. Like a castle

The elaborate design of this house makes it look like a wooden castle from afar. That's also thanks to the fancy windows around it.

7. By the lake

How convenient is it to have a house by a lake? Only a few steps away, you can already enjoy the calm and relaxing water.

8. Picture perfect

The design and layout of this house looks like it came out from children's storybook. The high roof, the small windows, and the light honey color make you feel like it's made of every thing sweet!

9. Balance in design

This minimalist house features an impressive design in balance. This gives you a feeling that the house is bigger than it really is. 

If you want more inspiration for wooden houses, read 5 small wooden houses with plans you can copy.

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