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Clever home cleaning tips

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Do you love cleaning your home? Does the thought of coming home from work to tackle a few hours of scrubbing and polishing excite you? No, we didn't think so, which is why we've pulled together a host of useful cleaning tips to make your life a whole lot easier.

Professional cleaners make it all look so simple, but when it comes to keeping a home clean, tidy and organised, we all know that everyday life has a tendency to get in the way, scuppering your best intentions. But that won't be the case once you've read these handy hints! 

Never again will your kitchen look as though a bomb has hit it, nor will your bathroom be brimming with grime. Best of all? You won't have to negate a social life in order to maintain a spotless home, so let's find out how…

1. Keep cleaning supplies in every room

Having the tools you need to hand means that as you spot something, you can tackle it straight away rather than trying to remember to get around to it when you next clean. 

A duster in the living room, bleach in the bathroom, it all makes sense!

2. Don't leave it until tomorrow

You know you can do the washing up or load your dishwasher in about 10 minutes, so why are you leaving all the dishes in the sink to smell bad and fester? 

Nobody needs to 'leave anything to soak' anymore, so just do that little chore and get it out of the way before it becomes a bigger problem.

3. Pop a washing load on before you start cleaning

If you've set aside some time to do general cleaning, make the most of the moment by putting a load of washing on your machine before you get started. 

The chances are, by the time you're done, you'll be able to hang your clean clothes up to dry.

4. Have a huge de-cluttering session

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De-cluttering is almost as good as a deep clean, but so few people really commit. 

Set yourself a weekend where you can go through every room in the house (yes, even the attic) and get rid of absolutely everything you no longer like, want or need. 

Be ruthless! You'll have far fewer household items to clean afterwards.

5. Wipe all your screens

Simple but so easily forgotten, make sure you give all your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone screens a regular wipe because they all get greasy and smeared. 

Just a couple of times a week will keep them fresh.

6. Clean as you cook

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We'd all love to be those people that can clean as they cook, wouldn't we? Well, we're only making excuses if we don't do it. 

It's super simple to have a plastic bag on the counter where you can put all your rubbish as you cook. If you want to be organised, have a few bags so you can empty them into the correct bins in a flash.

7. Make your bed as soon as you get up

You should develop the habit of getting up, having a stretch and then shaking out your duvet and making your bed in the morning. It will leave you with a tidy bedroom to come home to later! 

You must have noticed how much nicer it is to get into a made bed?

8. Keep your dishwasher empty

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When a dishwasher cycle has ended, empty it! Don't leave clean crockery and glassware in there as you'll get lazy and start to think of it as another storage area. 

By emptying your dishwasher straight away, you can also load dirty dishes in as you create them, leaving your kitchen surfaces clutter-free.

9. Invest in white sheets

This is a little bit of a trick, but your brain will fall for it every time.

If you choose white bed sheets, you'll naturally want to keep them cleaner and fresher so will find yourself making the bed more regularly and not eating in there! 

10. Sprinkle baking soda and lavender oil before vacuuming

Before you vacuum any rugs or carpets, add a few drops of lavender oil to a baking soda dispenser, combine well and sprinkle everywhere.

Naturally deodorising and refreshing, when you go over the carpet with your vacuum cleaner, you'll unleash the beautiful fragrance.

11. Never leave a room empty-handed

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This is a great tip that will get you into some good habits.

Before you leave a room, have a quick scan to see if there's anything that needs removing, such as dirty plates and cups, old newspapers or general rubbish. Take them with you and your spaces will stay neat and tidy.

12. Wear house slippers

We don't know why slippers went a little out of style as they're comfy, warm and help to keep your floors clean! 

You feet naturally get grubby so, rather than transferring that grime onto carpets, wear slippers and keep everywhere clean.

13. Sacrifice 15 minutes a day

The simplest tip of all is to do a little cleaning every day, but bear with us if the thought of that horrifies you.

You only need to do around 15 minutes of cleaning a day to prevent a weekend-long deep clean, which is surely worthwhile? You could do a different room each day, or perhaps vacuum one evening and dust the next. 

14. Get inspired online

If you want to get seriously inspired with your cleaning, you need to read more homify and get yourself on Pinterest.

With millions of tips, tricks and home cleaning hacks, if you ever find a rogue stain or need some help with making your own cleaning products, everything you need will be at your fingertips.

For more cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Easy bathroom cleaning tips.

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