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7 ways to make my garden more interesting

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People living in small apartments in crowded cities crave the fresh air and greenery of gardens and usually make it a point to visit nearest park in their neighborhood whenever possible. Maintaining a large garden is not easy as you have to constantly work to keep the wild grass and bushes from overwhelming flowering plants. Living in a dry area with little rainfall is also a deterrent to maintaining a garden as harsh summers kill even the hardiest of plants. 

If you are among the lucky few to own a suburban home with an empty patch of land in the front yard and have a keen interest in plants then there are plenty of options to choose. Most people with a passion for gardening can make plants thrive even in the harshest of weathers and with limited space. 

Here are some interesting ways to enhance the atmosphere of your garden and make it a point of regular discussion among friends and family.

Garden Pond

Small ponds with ducks swimming around are the stuff of countryside living which one rarely gets to see in the city. Adding a small or large pond to the garden based on the open space available may require a fair amount of landscaping but the effort will be worthwhile. If you have children at home then it makes sense to have a shallow pond slightly away from the rest of the house to avoid accidents.

The beautiful pond visible in this picture which is part of the garden blends into the area. It is not to deep and can be used to rear colored fishes like mollies and goldfishes that children love to admire. If the stone landscaping with Buddha statue and waterfall seems like an expensive proposition then you can remove it from the plan and stick to the curvy pond which lends a serene atmosphere to the garden.

New plants and flowers

The joy of watching fresh new flowers blooming in the garden can only be explained by a gardener. Every individual that nurtures plants and helps them grow from seed to plant till it flowers feels disappointment and pain each time a few plants of them die due to disease. A huge garden like this with seasonal plants, bushes and trees will always have some plants dying and some blooming all through the year. While large flower bushes have to be pruned and spruced up after winter smaller ones have to be thrown away.

After this transition phase from winter to spring if you want to give a new look to the garden then get new plants and flowers from the local nursery. Try to get plants that have buds which are ready to bloom then your garden will be glowing with colors during springs. The variety of colors visible in adorable little pots in this power is attributed to new plants and flowers.

Garden waterfall

Every home with a sizable garden has a water body like a pond or waterfall to enhance the ambiance of the area. The therapeutic benefits of waterfalls have been affirmed by most practitioners of yoga and meditation and any person that sits beside one is sure to feel soothed by the gentle sound of gushing water.

If you do not have one in the garden then spring and summer are the best seasons to install one with help of a professional to ensure that the money is well spent. The waterfall in this tropical style garden built against the rear boundary wall and surrounded with rocks is picturesque and as close to a real one as possible. Built by using discarded stones dug up during the excavation for foundation of the house it does not require extra water to feed the water gushing into the small pond as water gets recycled.

Garden sculpture

Vintage Bronze Fountain with Cherub and Fish on Stone Base UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques GiardinoPiscine & Biolaghi
UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

Vintage Bronze Fountain with Cherub and Fish on Stone Base

UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

Small and large sculptures made of metal alloys, porcelain, ceramic, stone and glass have been known to adorn gardens for centuries. There is sense of magic and beauty in garden sculpture that only a true lover of art can appreciate. As sculptures have to brave seasonal changes and vagaries of nature they are built with strong materials to help them bear weather changes with little damage.

This eye-catching cherub fountain is made of cement that makes it tougher than regular metal allows and is painted with a greenish hue to match the garden around it. The garden sculpture visible in this picture has an adorable cherub standing atop a lotus flower with fairy wings and a cheerful expression. This sculpture is part of a fountain that spouts water from the mouth of the large fish being held by the little child. The fountain uses water recycled from the flower bowl at the child’s feet and can be run by small motor attached to the sculpture’s bottom.

Wooden garden elements

Wooden elements are introduced into the garden with furniture like pool deck, garden furniture, benches and swings that bring nature closer to human life. Gardens also have tool sheds at the corner which in most circumstances is made of wood to store essentials like gardening tools, seeds and medicines for curing plants of insects and diseases. Though garden is essentially made of wood with trees, plants and shrubs these are not regarded as real wood as they are full of life and green.

The modern style landscaped garden designed by Biesot displays beautiful combination of natural and artificial elements to enhance the environment around the swimming pool. Even under the fiercest of sunlight the pool’s temperature stays cool due to the large tree beside it. Weather proof wooden garden furniture is perfect for relaxation during the evening with friends when the temperature inside the house becomes hot during summer. Even without the swimming pool you can have a sitting area in the garden with a wooden roof shelter.

Garden swing / bench

Swings of every size and shape have been an integral part of every garden around the world since time immemorial and children sometimes tie tree vines together to make temporary swings when real ones are unavailable. Garden swings are available in a wide variety of designs and shapes ranging from the most basic ones made of wooden planks and chains swung from trees to the most expensive ones made from carved wood with seats of silk.

This garden swing made of clear birch wood has a strong frame that is firmly embedded into the ground and is protected by a wooden roof. Users of this swing are protected by the shade of the large tree in the background while the foreground is decorated with colorful potted plants. The wide bench type seat of this swing is wide enough to accommodate two individuals and is strongly supported by chains so even heavily built people can comfortably sit on it.

Grill Area

Cooking in the open is romantic and fun and has been a part of family outings for years. While earlier people had to make open pits from stones and then keep firewood for open air cooking now electric grills and coal fired grills are available. These grills are neatly fixed on iron stands and have separate sections for cooking and roasting that can be switched on with the flick of a button. In this barbecue open air cooking system the vessels are neatly placed on stands just above the firewood stove so food can be cooked in a neat way with minimal smoke and residue. The entire structure is made out of lightweight iron and it is easy to carry it to any part of the garden before starting the cooking process. Vessels of different shapes can be moved around the fire to grill and roast using the small lever on the side.

To make your garden interesting use a few more tips given by our experts to give it a complete face lift.

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