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A glimpse into a stunning New York townhouse

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When it comes to New York housing, we often picture amazing apartments, townhouses and stunning mansions. Today we would like to show you a home that is filled with beautiful spaces. The interior designers have really utilized a blend of the traditional with the modern, with the classic! A home that is perfect for a family or a couple, it is so lavish that you will think you have been transported to the set of a film. Just wait till you see the staircase. 

Let's take a look. 

Fancy living.

This opulently decorated living room shows its traditional heritage, but also gives us a good glimpse of refinements and luxury. Each piece of furniture is an added value to an already-lavish setting. Just take a look at that grand piano and pelmets. 

Kitchen and dining room.

New York townhouses are wonderful settings for exploring different interior design styles because they are often set over multiple floors. In this example, we see this country-style kitchen create a sense of comfort and warmth. The feature wall in green and the large windows are stunning, whilst the dining room set and simple yet cozy kitchen makes you feel right at home

Grand dining room.

This stunning townhouse also has a grand dining room, decorated with a large table and chairs which are positioned under grand chandeliers amidst an opulent setting in which the red walls prevail. 


The bedroom utilizes the colors we saw in the living room as well as the dining room. Deep reds, creams and browns dominate the color pallet, whilst the large bed takes center stage. 


I hope you didn't expect the bathroom to be anything less than extravagant. With rich white marble such as this, the impression is timeless and makes for a perfect choice in this heritage home in which the finer qualities merge with a traditional design.

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That staircase!

The townhouse is set on multi-level floors and we couldn't exclude this stunning picture of the staircase which shows the absolute luxury of this grand home. The New York home is unusual, eclectic, and memorable!

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