A 78m² home with two floors and enough space for the family!

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A 78m² home with two floors and enough space for the family!

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Case in stile  di T&T architecture
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Having a home requires a large number of sacrifices. When the budget that is available is somewhat reduced, this is due to the current value of housing in real estate market. However, it is still possible to get some options that fit our economic reality. Taking into account that the materials, the location, and the size are very important, we can see from the house below that you do not necessarily need a very high capital investment. It may only be a 78m² structure of wood and concrete, but it turned out to be an ideal home for the family to enjoy in a low cost. Let's start the tour!

A simple but harmonious entrance

When entering the property, we see a large space for the porch. We also see the certain area of the floor that forms a line to enable to park the car without damaging the lawn. On the left, we see a space for a garden that can bring some color to the abode.

The location of the house has a very privileged view.  You can appreciate this beautiful two-storey building, whose chalet-style design allows it to be seen much wider from the outside. Also, thanks to the inclusion of wood and concrete within the construction, it is possible to enjoy a classic design with modern feel.

A construction with a lot of shape

The  house  has a very modern construction thanks to the way it was made. In addition, the back of the property has a large garden, which contrasts perfectly with the wood of the walls, allowing you to enjoy a little nature at home.

Internal terrace

As we enter a little more inside the house, we find a wonderful terrace. This is composed of a wooden dining set that consists of 6 stalls. In addition, the floor in this area of the house was built in wood, thus, allowing a better combination with the facade of the property.

From the kitchen to the terrace in one step

The terrace and kitchen are separated by a sliding door whose main material is glass. The grey color of the kitchen allows better lighting in this area of the house while everything blends in perfectly.

A living room decorated in a very minimalist way

As we have seen in other areas of the house, the living room is decorated in a very minimalist way. The only color is white and that is repeated throughout the room. Although we see some touches of color such as the wood of the ceiling and the staircase, as well as the inclusion of a white furniture with black. 

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House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l.

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